Wow, It’s been a busy summer.

For those of you who have checked the DiscardedDiamond FacebBook page you have heard the exciting news that I opened a store. Actually a room in the back of a store but to me it’s a start. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and the opportunity presented itself and I took it. I now share a space with a great store that sells beautiful leather purses and scarfs. More important it’s in a great location.
The room was in sad shape but with a little creative decorating and some Reused recycled and re purposed finds I must say it’s looking great.
I am still in the process of moving everything I’ve made in to the store. It will be tight but I have a plan. I’ve found a great clothes line with clothes pins attached. Each pin has a light. I plan to string this across one wall and add 8×10 pictures of the projects for sale. Because I have very little room I can still show my work .If anyone is interested I can bring it to the shop.
Along the way I have continued to to recycle and reinvent things I’ve come across.  One of my favorites is the pallet bench and coat rack. The pallet was recycled from the local hardware store.  When I asked the manager if I could take it from the trash, I received the usual odd look and a, “help yourself lady”, so I did.IMG_5285
The bench is a great piece. I didn’t realize just how heavy it would be when put together. I think that is a plus if you have kids and want something for them to use in a coat room or back door. The coat rack is the same.
In all, I used two pallets. I cut the pallets down making them roughly 3 ft. wide. IMG_5305The leftover is what was used for the coat rack. Before putting the bench together I suggest you sand all the wood. It makes it much easier when they are separated a lesson I learned. I took a blow-dryer to remove sawdust and hosed the pallets down. Once dry, I choose a clear polyurethane to coat the wood. Again I was going for the rustic look. I have seen these painted or stained multiple colors. Your choice, you’re the artist.
I then stacked three pallets one on top of each other and screwed them together. Pay attention to where the screws go. They will be seen. I used black screws to give the pallet a rustic look. I added 1 long board made of oak across the top. I did this for 2 reasons 1) to add support 2) for a place to put cushions. I found cushions that I thought would work perfectly. They were just a bit wide so I needed A few extra inches on either side. When done I think it worked out great.
The coat rack was made from the leftover pallet. After sanding the pallet I added a piece of wood to the bottom. This way it can now be used for storage. I picture gloves, mittens, etc. Those things that always gets lost. The last step was adding rustic hooks. I added four, in black iron. I staggered them to add interest. This becomes a perfect place for backpacks, brief case or anything you need to get out the door.IMG_5283
A great piece to have as the school year approaches!!!
I will continue to post hear. Check out my DiscardedDiamond FaceBook page  for current updates Thanks, Nancy
Recycle, Re purpose, Reinvent

Wow.  have I been remiss in my posting on my web page. Between getting  the store ready and small postings on my FB page, I have neglected my Blog page. The place it all started. Hopefully I can get back to that.

Tomorrow is the big day my official opening of the Discarded Diamond Store. To say I’m a bit nervous would be an understatement. But as the saying goes… Nothing ventured Nothing gained. I will give it a try and see how it goes. If nothing else it allowed me to create some cool pieces that I really love and I enjoyed doing them.  Rather than explain each piece and the steps I took to make them I am just going to show pictures. IMG_5799IMG_5750IMG_5733IMG_5362IMG_5277IMG_5265Any questions about any particular piece email me and I will get back to you. All of the pieces shown were Kicked to the Curb with 1 or 2 bought at Salvation Army or Good Will.

Well the opening has come and gone. I am still working on this post. I WILL get it done. AS far as the opening goes, I would say it was a BIG success. Roughly 50 people showed. That was just the right amount any more and you would not be able to move in the store. Did I say it was small. I did have access to the back walkway and used that for my bigger pieces, mostly furniture. I am kicking myself because I did not take any pictures. It did look very nice and every one was very complimentary.

The opening served its purpose to let people know I was there and ready for business. I think I achieved that. Hopefully next time they are looking for a gift they will think of DD.

I was back at the store today. I realized I better get to work. I need to replace the things I sold. I have a few completed projects at home and I am working on a couple great pieces now. What’s fun about this process is the phone calls I am getting now. People are actually calling me and asking if I would like a table, chair, stool etc…. It makes it very easy to find things to recycle. I just better be careful or my house will be taken over with Kick to the Curb pieces.  I’ll be The crazy lady, every neighborhood has one. Not to worry I do have a plan. I am wrapping this one up. I will try to post regularly on this web pg . but its much easier to do FB so if you are interested check out Discarded Diamonds FB pg As always Recycle Re purpose Reinvent and Reap the benefits  Nancycover

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