TV time goes eclectic

I needed a new TV stand and I wanted something modern and funky. On a recent trip to Boston I found the perfect one on Newbury Street. Anyone familiar with Boston knows this is where the pricey stores are located. Sure enough I found the perfect TV stand, a mere $1,800. Although just what I wanted I was not about to spend that amount of money on a T.V stand. I would keep looking.IMG_8155

All the way home on the train to New York I thought about that stand. I decided if I could find a small cabinet I could easily make my own . I would start at Goodwill. Salvation Army and Thrift Stores . I was sure I would find something that would work. It was a quick trip and before I knew it I was home. As I pulled up to my house I glanced next door.
OMG!! Left out for garbage pick up, there sat my cabinet. I was excited but waited till the cover of night to actually take it LOL. It was a little worse for wear, probably why it was thrown out but I could definitely work with it.IMG_8178
Step 1
The top drawer was broken. I didn’t need this so I super glued this shut, making it a fake drawer.
Step 2
Painting the cabinet:
I decided to paint only the top and front leaving the sides white. I wanted a very blotchy paint job. I used acrylic paint and paper towels and dabbed the paint on. I used yellow, brown and gold.

Looking much better but it needed more:

I checked in my craft room to see what I could use

Wide gold mesh ribbon

gold/silver ribbon

tiles left over from bathroom redo

assorted nail polish


3 earrings dollar store

1 brown white place mat cut in half

1 new door pull previously bought for bathroom2015-03-29 14.15.41


STEP 1 After the paint dried I added the wide gold ribbon to bottom drawer to add depth and detail.IMG_8183

I had a color scheme in mind a I realized the tiles from my newly completed bathroom would be perfect. I adhered these to the front of the cabinet directly over ribbon in a random pattern.

The upper” fake” drawer is covered in fabric from the place mat which i cut in half and spray glued to drawer. I felt I needed to break up the pattern.  I  used three earrings I bought at the dollar store for a dollar a piece. I glue gunned these together and glued them to drawer. Perfect.

I took a step back and looked at my TV stand. It needed BLING

Using the gold metallic ribbon I trimmed out the cabinet  on the top and bottom. I also added a strip of gold to the top of the fake drawer. Flipping the ribbon over to the silver side I ran the ribbon down either side of cabinet. Using nail polish  I added some detail to the top in blue and aqua tones.

I was almost done, but I wanted this to sparkle. I applied two  nail polishes one clear with gold sprinkles and the other a thicker silver glitter. Again this was done in a random pattern to give it a quirky feel.

Taking a step back,  I was done.

In order to protect  the top I gave it a coat of spray crystal clear an acrylic coating. Unfortunately it caused the nail polish to bubble.

Off to the Hardware store named ” Grassy Sprain Paint and Hardware” one of my favorites.They always help me with my projects. Willing to answer my questions and explain what I need.

I planned to buy a piece of plexiglass to protect the top as the nail    polish had bubbled slightly plexiglass  would prevent this

Explaining to Greg what I needed , he suggested I use a piece of real glass. Three pieces had just been given to the store that morning and he had no use for them. I gave him the measurements. He cut the glass to size  and for $6.00 my TV stand was complete.











I also took the second piece of glass, Not knowing what I would use it for.  It was to good to pass up. Remembering I had this aquarium I had picked up off the side of the road I thought”table”” It was Made of glass one side was broken. I decided to break the other four sides leaving one unbroken for the table top.

Once I cracked the glass, I needed to reinforce the remaining pieces. Using a hot Glue Gun I covered all the cracks on the inside and outside of aquarium.  I then coated the entire case with crystal clear spray.  This added the stability I needed , dulled the edges and made the case solid. I wanted to play up the randomness of the cracks ,so I highlighted each crack with silver nail polish. The free piece of glass from Grassy Sprain hardware extends the table top. Atop sits a bowl from Goodwill $ 8.95.IMG_8267

Although not knowing what this would be used for initially, half way through I realized it was the perfect entry table.  The entry floor being deep blue it will highlight the randomness of the pattern in the glass.

Two unique one of a kind tables.  The first one was made using left over supplies and will work perfectly as a TV stand plus added storage.   The aquarium table I think is a piece of art in itself. If nothing else it’s a conversation piece and free.

Remember, Recycle, Repurpose & Reuse and Reap the benefits, I do.


















Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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