Time to put my Feet Up


As I said in previous posts, it’s been a busy few months. It’s time to put my feet up and relax, LOL, we’ll see how that goes.

Before I do, I thought I would make an ottoman. Perfect to put my feet on. This is a very simple project that can be made in any color you want. I used materials that I had in the house. My next ottoman will not be such dark colors.


  1. Used tire (any car repair shop or auto body store is usually happy to give you one. They have to pay to get rid of them.)
  2. Pre-cut round top from Home Depot to fit  top of tire. If you are handy or know someone who can cut this it will save you money to DIY (I had one from a previous project)
  3. Duct tape(the regular cream color for base and decorative duct tape for trim)
  4. Coordinating fabric
  5. 2 plastic platters (purchased at the dollar store)
  6. Min wax stain
  7. One piece of rope


Before you start, clean the tire. I took mine outside. I  used a garden hose and dish washing liquid and gave it a good scrubbing with a scrubbing brush, rinsed it and let it dry. Once dry I was ready to go.

Using the same technique I used for my bar table I started tearing the Duct tape. This goes by very quickly if you’re watching TV. I covered the entire tire in duct tape making sure I overlapped  the tape smoothing as I went.  Once smooth, I dyed the tape with Min Wax Dark Brown stain.

Once the base was done I added the trim. I chose leopard print. I had this duct tape  in the house and decided to use it. This needs to be done in sections so it lays flat. It takes some maneuvering but the pieces can be made to match up.

I also added rope to the bottom and top of the tire to add a little more interest. Both of these pieces of rope were left over from a previous project.

The finishing touches:

The top was a pre-cut piece of wood that fit the top of tire perfectly. I simply stained it brown.IMG_4600

In order to make this a storage ottoman I needed to close off the bottom. Using two plastic serving dishes, I covered them in coordinating fabric. Using my glue gun I adhered them to the inside base of the tire.










 Time to put my feet up!


whiye chair tire ottaman


For me the cost of this project was nothing because I used materials I already had. I now have a cute ottoman. More important I recycled a tire that won’t make it to the landfill .



As I wrote this post I realized I talked about things I used from a previous project. And thought perfect time to show that project;  My rope table:

This was  a very easy project but time consuming.  While out  thrifting one day at one of my favorite places, Best Used Furniture, I found a great round table. It was really quite ugly and I really didn’t need it, but something about it caught my eye. You guessed right if you said I bought it. For $12.00 how can you pass on something like this.

First order of business, remove the ugly Formica top. wood tableThis took about 30 seconds, it popped right off. I was left with a 3ft wooden table top. The wood was not good and would have to be covered.wood table with writing Since my ottoman had turned out ok I thought why not? Rope it is. I marked off the center of the table grabbed my glue gun and started laying the rope in a spiral pattern. I thought this is going to be easy. Easy, yes, but it was taking forever. No way was I going to have the patience for this.wood table with start of rope

After staring at the table for a few minutes I came up with the idea of braiding the rope. wood tbale with start of color ropeThis would serve two purposes: 1) It would add interest to the design and, 2)The braided rope was much thicker taking up much more space. This made the job go that much faster,

full rope 2full rope











YEAH!! I covered the table with a round glass top.  This I had, remember I said I buy things when I see them not knowing when I’ll use them. This was one of those. A 3ft. round piece of glass for $5.00 is just too tempting for me to pass up.

This past weekend my husband and I hosted a party. The round table was center stage and a big hit.table on patio




Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy



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