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My goal was to start my web site in 2014 come Hell or High Water.

I did it!

What’s the expression? “In for a Penny in for a Pound”.  Well that’s me!
Taking a step back, welcome to
Discarded Diamonds
A little about Me:
I have been married for 30 years.
I am the mother of three grown boys, who could really care less about fashion or decorating.
I work part-time as a personal assistant for a wonderful woman.
I am an avid tennis player.

I love to walk and swim.

I have set a personal goal to lose 100 pounds. I am holding steady around 80 pounds give or take 5-8 pounds.

My passion for Goodwill and Salvation Army started because of this. As I lost weight, I would pack up my too big clothes and head to the local drop off centers of these organizations.


I was giving away beautiful clothes, hardly worn, some with the tags still on. One day it dawned on me. I had just dropped off a bag of clothes with jeans from Talbots that were well over $80.00. I had worn these for less than a month. I was annoyed!

I turned around and headed into the store. JACKPOT!!!!
Everything and anything you could possibly want. I was sold and a bit addicted. Granted you need to search through the racks for the DIAMOND, but usually one can be found at a ridiculous low price.
While browsing through the clothes one day, I noticed the furniture. Before I knew it my house was being transformed. Tables, Chairs, couch, lamps, rugs. You name it, I have gotten a great deal on it. Anything can be steamed cleaned or refinished.   Compared to retail it’s a steal.

Both Goodwill and Salvation Army feature a color of the week. This means any item marked with that color sticker is 1/2 price. The deals are unbelievable, and Salvation Army delivers. How great is that!!!!

This is THE DISCARDED DIAMOND Headquarters, formerly my older sons bedroom. I thought you would enjoy seeing it.  I practice what I preach.
Furnished with Kicked to the Curb items, Craig s List, Goodwill, Salvation Army buys and Hand me Downs.


It’s worth it!



OMG I love That
Sometimes I see something and I just know I have to have it. This Liz Claiborne red leather coat is one of those.  Found at Goodwill while visiting my sister, purchased for $5.00.  I wear it all the time.
With it, leopard print cashmere sweater, Salvation Army $3.00.  Brown suede boots, $7.00 and black suitcase bag, $ 5.00 .  My own pants.


About Nancy

Hi Welcome to Discarded Diamonds. My name is Nancy and this is my web site. I find the most fabulous things at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Garage Sales and yes, even the trash. I've always been creative and my style has been a bit on the quirky side, so it's a perfect match. I think it's very important to re- use, re-purpose, and recycle. For the fraction of the cost of retail, I have beautiful clothes (that I am always complimented on) and wonderful home decorations. I hope you'll follow me and realize how fun bargain hunting can be. Just be careful, it's addictive.
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2 Responses to The Room / Closet Itself

  1. Connie says:

    Wow Nancy – looking awesome!!

  2. Janet says:

    Happy New Year Nancy.
    Not sure how to leave a general comment without it being attached to a theme, so here goes.
    You and me sister. I’m all for recycling, reusing… Sounds like you, however, are great at finding a steal for a deal. While I’ve found that Salvation Army is a fun place to browse (if you ignore the moth ball smells), I’m not fond of their prices. I believe it’s a bit steep. If the point is to sell to the less affordable and to move merchandise quickly I’d tend to make frequent stops there.
    Yes, you’re posted pictures are always fun to look at, especially with prices attached. Please keep posting. See you on FB.

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