The Lake House Phase 2

Day 2 set off on a positive note.  I felt I was in good shape, but I had a lot to do.  I decided today I would concentrate on the window and breakfast bar.  I would also place some of the bigger pieces of furniture in the room.


The blinds were looking a little sad and still do.  I headed to Home Depot.  I had heard you could buy replacement verticals and sure enough I was right.  You keep the unit in place and just replace the individual vertical. Not sure if I wanted to use verticals at all I only bought a few. After hanging them I decided I would take a wait and see approach.


Next came a window treatment to add color.  I decided on a deep blue as my primary color to play off the kitchen floor.  This was a deep blue tile recently done in excellent condition that I plan to keep.  Because of my lack of sewing skills, I need to get creative.



Two table runners @ $7.99 a piece was the perfect solution.  I simply used extra strength double sided tape and stuck the runner to the metal cross piece of the blinds. One piece was not enough, so I had to cut the second to add more length.  The match is not perfect.  I plan to work on that when I return.  Overall I think it looks pretty good. It provides the coverage I need.  It’s been put to the test with the windy weather in Cleveland, with the windows wide open the topper didn’t move.  I’m on a roll.



The Breakfast Ba

Breack barBecause the condo is so small this is it… our only place to sit and eat. I had set this up at home.  I knew this would work. Using a Kick to the Curb find (small cabinet) and a garage sale table bought for $10.00, I was going to make a breakfast bar with well needed added storage

My plan was to remove two of the legs and use the Kicked to the Curb find at the other end for support.  Great plan but the legs were too short by about an inch.  I thought about cutting the legs off but I really didn’t want to do this in case I wanted to use the table for its original purpose some day.  I came up with a simple fix, cane tips. Bought at CVS they raised the table to the exact height I needed and the table was level.  I love it when a plan comes together.  I adhered the  table top to the cabinet using extra strength double sided tape.  My breakfast bar was done.  I took a step back and realized it looked ridiculous.  Even though the kitchen is tiny it opens up in to a wide area. It needed something.



I had made something the night before I drove to Cleveland thinking maybe I would use it over the couch.  I did this because the very large mirror I planned to use and I wanted to bring would not fit in the car.  It was worth a shot.

IMG_8330I had painted a long piece of plywood white. I added 4 square mirrors I had from past projects.  Left over tiles from my bathroom redo adds a little color and match the tile I used on my TV stand.  Leaning it against the wall, it was a perfect fit.  It was as if I had the exact measurements when I started the project.  I didn’t.  It was a board laying in my basement.  I think it elongates the breakfast bar and makes the bar seem appropriate in size to the room, perfect.



Clean Counters

My last job for day two was to clear the counters and downsize the appliances.  The previous owner had the largest refrigerator freezer I had ever seen in such a small space. My friend Kathy agreed to take it for her garage.  A large microwave was donated to the maintenance lounge at the condo, which left the small toaster oven.

Kitchen cabinetsThis is one of my favorites. I was looking for tall shelves but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money of course.  I didn’t want plastic or fake wood.  Browsing thru Home depot, I came across wooden crates.  Using three large and two small crates, I made my own shelves.  I stacked the large crates on top of each other than wedged the smaller ones inside (I did nail each crate together using small finishing nails to add  stability).  Extra strength double sided tape helps hold cabinet flush against wall.  Perfect height, perfect width.  Even better the small toaster oven sits on top, no longer on the counter.



A new mini fridge (discounted $ 40.00 for a tiny scratch on bottom of door you can’t see) and a new microwave complete the kitchenFridge


That wrapped up day two.  I must say it was hard work but fun.  I added some Goodwill and Salvation Army purchases around the apt and it started to look like a home.  Target is a great store for bedding and pillows and lucky me,  I found one not more than 5 minutes from the Condo.

Tomorrow some of my favorite finds and creations take their home in Cleveland.

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 Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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