Let’s sit and Enjoy that wine!

Last week I posted my suit case wine bar.  So far one of my favorite projects.  A little bit funky I know, but fun.  I made this for our apartment which is short on space and every square foot has to have a purpose.  My husband made the mistake of asking  “What, no bar  table ?”   Of course this got me thinking. Out to the garage to see what I could re-purpose.  Sure enough I had everything I needed.

1 wooden crate with drawers recently purchased at tag sale for $5.00

1 30 inch round table top , not sure where this came from or why I had it. Not throwing anything out, sometimes pays off .

A table pedestal with four screws protruding from the top.  Bought at a parish tag sale for $2.00.  I had no idea why I bought this .  I figured I would use it at some point for a future project.  I just didn’t realize it would be two weeks later.

This was really a simple project.  I knew I wanted the table to look rustic or weathered. It also had to go with the suitcase bar which was both dark and light wood.

While watching the Cavs game I started on the table top. IMG_9561 Using masking tape, I tore off two to three inch strips and covered the entire surface.  I made sure the edges were jagged and the pieces were overlapped.  I did not want a uniform look.











Once  the top was covered, I used brown shoe polish in a squeeze bottle and blotted it on the tape.  I put three coats on blotting lightly with a paper towel in between. It all depends how dark you want your table.  The tape will wrinkle if you get it to wet so I suggest you go slowly, building up the color.  As the tape dries it does tighten up and some of the wrinkles will  disappear.  I set the table out in the sun and it was dry in a few hours.

Most leather tables I’ve seen have a gold inlay around the top.  Just because my table is a Faux leather table made of masking tape no one said I can’t have a GOLD inlay.  OK it’s not gold but it looks like it.  Using gold nail polish I simply added a small strip around the edge of the table. IMG_9564 I didn’t make it perfect.  I wanted it somewhat jagged. It looks great and completes the table. I also added the names of our family members to the top of the table.IMG_9579

Most of my projects, if not all, are done very cost conscience.  This one was no exception.  I think total cost for both suitcase bar and table was under $ 40.00.  I have two one of a kind pieces that are functional and will definitely start conversation.  Isn’t that what you want for a Pub.FullSizeRender

You know the money I saved, WELL…. I spent it.  I couldn’t resist. In order to complete this project I felt the perfect touch would be a glass top for the table.  After pricing glass and talking to the glass expert, he suggested plexiglass. He did not recommend a glass top for a bar table, fearing it would shatter.  I went with the plexiglass and it is now being cut to order.  I will post a picture of the two when they are in place over the fourth of July weekend.  Fingers crossed that they fit into the apartment. I am usually pretty good at judging space and size but this is going to be tight.


As Always…

Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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    Looks great!! Enjoy the cocktails!!!

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