It’s time to wrap it up


I’ve built the basics. It’s now time to start my favorite part, decorating. I had collected quite a few things on my trips to Goodwill & Salvation Army picking up accessories I thought I could use. I feel these are so important. They make a space feel like a home. Combining these purchases with items I already owned quickly transformed the space. I could write all night about the deals I found but I won’t.  I will just high light some of the great Discarded Diamonds I collected.


IMG_8346_2            IMG_8446_2

Before                                                               four days later








IMG_8406_2               IMG_8407_2



A place setting for 8 at Salvation Army -A steal I thought at $12.00. Basic white, I can use them with anything, any color. The glasses . I couldn’t resist perfect color, cobalt blue. They work great for beverages, but also as decoration when displayed on a shelf.









This  is one of my favorites. Not only does it provide xtra lighting, but a focal point for the room. One of my more expensive purchases  $ 24.00 @ GW. It plugs in to a wall socket so no electrician needed, just a hook in the ceiling which the Condo maintenance man did for me.





This came from a neighborhood tag sale. I like the look of a area rug on carpet, I think it defines the sitting area.




4If you remember originally I made the long mirror that sits at the end of the breakfast bar to go over the couch. I changed my mind when I found this stunning stained glass mirror @ Goodwill. Perfect size , shape and colors. A tiny tiny chip on the top corner is probably why it was donated. I paid $6.99. it looks like a million bucks ,LOL.






aaaa cc



One of my favorites , I found these chairs on Craig s list.     At two for $160.00, I couldn’t resist. I think it adds the pop of color that looks great.The chairs also helped me choose accent colors around the room.










Although not a true bedroom, I wanted to make it feel like it was. I kept the colors neutral in this room.  Three bargains in this room.

The shelf $5.00 Goodwill

Two matching table lamps, $5.00 a piece

Lamp $9.99 Goodwill

I still have a few things to do . I would like to make a  dressing / makeup area  in the hallway leading to closet. I took measurements before I left Cleveland . I need a table 37X14. And I would like it to have  a drawer . I have a great  mirror that I would like to sit on top of the table.  I bought this last year @ my favorite store on Grassy Sprain Rd unfortunately it didn’t work. If I find the right table , I plan to use it to make the perfect vanity area.

**** An UPDATE****

I found the perfect vanity table, Salvation Army comes thru again.IMG_8669_2

A beautiful Ethan Allan table measuring 37×14 with 1 drawer. Being sold in the Spring catalog in whitewash for $589.00. I wanted light oak which is what I found , my cost $20.00. I saved $ 569.00.









People ask why I do this. There is your answer.

Seriously,I love the challenge of creating something unique  and beautiful with Discarded Diamonds.  Design on a Dime is a hit show and I can see why.






Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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    Bravo Nance. You are really an inspiration.

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