I was inspired – it is all for the kids

Recently while out shopping I saw this foot stool. footstoolIt caught my eye. I thought it was really cute. It inspired me to try making my own. I liked the industrial look and that was what I would aim for.
I had been asked to donate an item to a fundraiser. I thought a variation of this would be perfect. I decided to make mine a wine stool.

Kicked to the Curb- one shutter broken apart. I would use this for the hinge. shutter
Goodwill-base of stool $5.00 base of stool
Salvation Army- assorted leather belts $1.99 a piece
Dollar Store-rubber place mat .$1.00 cover inside of lid
I piece of plywood cut to size for lid, free leftover from basement remodel
I originally did try copying the look of the store ottoman . It did not look anything like the one I saw. I had to come up with a new plan. The ottoman needed to be durable.  Still not being able to sew, I knew I had to use something that would not fray. That left leather. Leather belts would be perfect. belts I tried to keep all the belts in the same color scheme. Using whites and tans.
The belts are glued than stapled in place to the plywood. A simple woven pattern also help secure the belts in place.The shutter hinge was attached to the piece of plywood. To finish off the edges of the ottoman I added rope. I think this adds interest and gives the piece a finished look.. The project is almost complete.rope
After staring at the ottoman for quite a while I felt it needed something. I had an old table base that I had used on a previous project. table base I had added a top to it. I now removed the top and added the ottoman I just made. . Combining the wine crate ottoman and table base was perfect. Using the base I added the wine crate to the top. I liked the look. My husband sat on it and agreed it was comfortable and the right height. me

I liked the idea of a wine crate stool but i still wanted an ottoman. I decided to make it both. Using dowels I was able to attach the wine crate to the base securely yet still have it be easily removed. dowels combinedThis way it is interchangeable.

I had an extra wine crate and decided to try something else. Using my husbands old ties I did the same thing with the ties as I did with the belts. I wove them in a pattern. Using Maroon and Gold colors for my sons high school. This was filled with bottles of wine and donated for a fundraiser for the school.IMG_7492wine

Next post – an update on The garden Center,


IT’S LOOKING GOOD! A work in progress.

Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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