I love it when a Plan comes together!!!

Wow it’s been a busy couple of months for me. A lot of traveling has taken me to Fl, Buffalo and last stop Cleveland.

The finishing touches to the Condo, so I can call it a wrap and start to enjoy it.FullSizeRender
This trip my husband and two of my sons joined me for the 4th of July weekend. In a condo roughly 395 sq ft, I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was anxious to see how it functioned.
Did I mention my sons are by no means small people, both standing well over 6 ft.  Plus my husband and myself. Well you get the picture.


As I sit here writing this from the rooftop deck overlooking Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline,IMG_4581I would have to say it turned out perfectly. Small yes, but it’s everything we wanted or needed. I think we will enjoy it for years to come.
As I said in previous posts, many thought I was crazy for buying such a small space. With much thought and creative decorating, I turned this in to a great space that works very well. A second bathroom would be a definite bonus but we made do.
My husband and I hosted our first party for the 4th of July and had over 20 guests. All agreed, although small, it was quite comfortable. I’ll take that!!
The pub table fit perfectly in the front entrance where I planned for it to go. IMG_4584







One small glitch, one of my favorites, the suitcase bar, didn’t work in the entrance way. It fit but felt too crowded. After a little rearranging it is now at the far side of the room. This works great. More room and it brings people all the way into the room if they want something to drink. The upper section of the bar did fit and now hangs proudly with the pub table.









While staying in the condo I did a few little projects. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not one to sit still for very long.
I found a great chair that was Kicked to the Curb. Who doesn’t need extra seating?  With a $2.00 Goodwill tablecloth and my staple gun, I recovered it. It now goes perfectly with the decor of the apartment. Tucked out of the way by the front door it is perfect when an extra seat is called for.



IMG_4587My second project was jazzing up the bathroom mirror.  Perfectly functional. You know me by now, I felt it needed something. I was afraid to remove it from the wall, not wanting to get in to repairing any damage that I might find. One sheet of glass tiles was the perfect answer.  I believe the sheet was less than $4.00, but it makes a big difference. I simply glued the tiles to the edges of the mirror for a pop of color. I used ceramic glue bought at Home Depot. I didn’t want a perfect look which made this very easy. I had to work around the screws holding it in place. Where the tiles didn’t fit, I simply painted the mirror with matching nail polish. You really have to look carefully to see this and I doubt anyone would really notice.




In a previous post I talked about a Kicked to the Curb mirror I planned for our apartment. I brought it to Cleveland this trip and was so excited to finally install it ’till… I took out the trash- AND you guessed it!!! I found another Kicked to the Curb treasure. A Fabulous mirror with the exact same wood as the vanity and chair I was using for my closet. I had to use this one. I dragged it up to the apartment. My husband didn’t even bother giving me a look on this one. He knew

IMG_4589I now had two mirrors both well over 4×5 ft. One for the vanity, I knew. A quick survey of the apt (as my husband and boys stared at me) to find a place for the other one.

The foot of the bed, perfect. I started to explain to the three of them the mirror would expand the room reflect light and make everything feel bigger. My sons shrugged and left, my husband grabbed the drill and said “don’t care what it does just tell me where you want it.”



Was this project a lot of work, yes! It was also fun and a challenge to come up with creative ideas to use. I love to see a project come together and be enjoyed by all.


Happy Birthday USA!!IMG_4301

While in Cleveland, we hosted our first party in the apartment. Well over 20 people celebrated the 4th of July with us. paty picIMG_4284It went great! I do believe everyone was very comfortable. Let’s just say no one was racing for the front door.


My final project in Cleveland revolved around my nieces baby shower. Due with a baby girl in two months she has decided to name her Regina after my mother. I knew I had to come up with something special for this gift. I debated this one. I had a Kicked to the curb find, did I dare?

My answer, YES!!
Roughly two months ago I saw this solid wood rocking chair sitting on the side of the road. Of course I stopped to check it out. Painted pink with the name Michaela carved into it, I thought it was adorable. Baby chairIn to the back of the car it went. It was time to re-cycle my find. I painted the entire chair white. The fun part came in decorating the chair. My niece’s color theme was pink for a girl with light green accents. To hide the name, I used quilted fabric. I covered the back slats with the fabric using a staple gun. I added lace to add some color and hide the staples using my glue gun. I also did both arms. The last part of the project was using stenciled letters to put the name Regina down the middle slat. The seat was then covered in modge podge to protect the letters.baby chair 2


I topped it off with assorted lotions wrapped in colored tissue paper… Viola, the perfect shower gift!baby chair with gifts
As I said at the beginning of this post, it has been a busy couple of months, but filled with fun and laughter. I got a lot accomplished and was able to touch base with many old friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as long as it is. I am continuing to create and still hoping to post every Sunday night it’s just….. things keep getting in the way LOL. I’m working on it.


Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy



Next week: That ottoman is made from what???

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the next party!

  2. Kathy E says:

    The party was great- the rooftop view a bonus!

  3. Darci H. says:

    If only I could fly you to Texas and hire you to beautify my little house! Love what you’ve done!

  4. Joe Gallin says:

    The Place looks great!! I guess my invite got lost in the mail:)

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