Happy Memorial Day!

memorial-day-flag-2014May is over. Memorial Day weekend a time for celebration , barbecues and fun. Most important a time to celebrate and HONOR those service men and women who have served and protected this great country has come and gone.  Remember without their sacrifices we would not have the freedom to enjoy the life we have.
That being said THANK YOU to all service men & women, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Last post was my apartment redo.  I left off with everything complete except for the vanity area.  As my Aunt MJ always said patience is a virtue, and it paid off.  I needed a chair to complete the vanity.  Something that would also work as extra seating if needed.



On my way to the deli, I spotted three chairs Kicked to the Curb.  Racing home I grabbed my son and headed back.  Still nursing a neck injury I didn’t want to lift them myself.
After examining the chairs, I saw the rush seats were a little bit damaged but nothing I couldn’t work with.


close p chair
I first thought to remove the seat, but I liked the look. A trip to the dollar store solved the problem. I found a thin simple throw rug in the colors of my apartment. I could use this in the center of the seat as an accent, still letting the rush seat be seen. chair plusProblem solved.  With a staple gun and a glue gun I was done in less than 15 minutes and had the perfect chair.  My cost $1.00 for rug.
Would I use this chair in a formal dining room?  No, but my apartment. is casual and very informal and it fits in perfectly.
The other two chairs are a work in progress.I am still formulating a plan.  I do know they will be going with this table I made. Bought at my favorite used furniture store for $15.00.

tabletab le rawI decided to cover the top of the table with rope which I purchased at Home Depot. I first took off the Formica exposing the wood.  Marking off the center I used my glue gun and started gluing. Realizing just how long this would take. I decided to add an accent color.


table half waytable three quarters












I used green rope and braided it making a thicker strand and glued this down. This not only helped the job go faster but added an interesting pattern to the overall design.  table rope doneOnce finished I topped it off with a piece of glass I had from an old table.  A perfect 3ft coffee table for inside or out
For a total cost of less than $ 25.00, I now have: three new chairs and a one of a kind coffee table
Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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Hi Welcome to Discarded Diamonds. My name is Nancy and this is my web site. I find the most fabulous things at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Garage Sales and yes, even the trash. I've always been creative and my style has been a bit on the quirky side, so it's a perfect match. I think it's very important to re- use, re-purpose, and recycle. For the fraction of the cost of retail, I have beautiful clothes (that I am always complimented on) and wonderful home decorations. I hope you'll follow me and realize how fun bargain hunting can be. Just be careful, it's addictive.
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