Going UP and Coming Down

I’m on vacation and I promised my husband I would not post while  on vacation. I’m  getting on an airplane heading UP and hopefully when  coming DOWN the LANDING will go smoothly.

carpeted stairsWhich leads me to my next post, my staircase.  All three bedrooms on the 2nd floor were looking good or would be after I completed my master bedroom.  The staircase leading to them needed help.  I had been thinking about this for months. One Sunday afternoon I decided it was time.

I hoped the floors were in great condition. We had  the floors and stairs refinished when we moved in thinking we would keep them bare. With a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 month old we learned very quickly after a nasty fall by both that  this was not an option. Carpet it was.

Well the kids are grown and walking on their own. Carpet be gone.


I started on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday afternoon the carpet was gone. I was lucky the carpet protected the floors and they were in perfect condition. The only difficulty I had was taking up the strips of wood that held the carpet in place. This went a lot slower. Start to finish four days.

upsatirs carpet scrapscarpet scrap











bare stairs





stairsBare hardwood floors are NOISY.  And I don’t recommend them, beautiful or not. I needed carpet. I knew I did not want traditional carpet, not my style. So I went to web sites. You can find anything as, I am sure you know, on the internet. I found just what I wanted. Chocolate brown and cream patterned stair treads. Perfect. I would keep the beauty of the hardwood but still have the comfort and quiet of carpet a win – win situation. I don’t remember the exact cost but I believe I paid $130.00 for everything.  They were very easy to install. However I did not use the double- sided tape they recommended, I used a staple gun. So far so good. it’s been a few months, they still look great. One carpet came loose, just re-stapled it.



My carpet treads are on the plush side, so the staples disappear in the nap of the carpet. My concern would be if you had a solid color carpet that wasn’t plush you would see staples. This was not the case.

Of course after searching hundreds of web sites I happened to walk in to one of the large home improvement stores and their sat CARPET TREADS. I had just been in their a few days before and I swear they were not there. Either I over looked at them or it’s a new product they decided to sell.  They had a display of choices,  so i checked them out. Comparing their quality to mine. I felt mine could hold their own.  None of the choices were what I was looking for. I saw one that I liked but when I looked at the price, I knew I had made the right decision by ordering what I did.  As I said my total stair case plus landing came to roughly $130.00. If I were to buy them at this store it would cost me $221.00 not including tax  . A difference of  $91.00. I could  put that money to good use after all I am going to Mexico. What woman doesn’t want a few great outfits to wear while on vacation.

Of Course MEXICO  needs some new  casual attire:

No Problem with Goodwill around!




Orange Dress:Orange dress

One of my favorite things to do when in Mexico is take a day trip to Playa de Carmen. Row after row of great shops to browse in. I love looking at all the beautiful merchandise and I come away with fabulous ideas. My husband hates it. Mainly because he says every times he turns around I am gone. Well I fixed that. He can’t miss me in this bright orange J. Crew dress and cute hat trimmed in an orange flowered border. If he does he’s not looking very hard.

  1.  J.Crew Dress $12.95 – Good Will

Hat $2.00 – Salvation Army




Red Dress:red dress

One or two nights out we get a little dressed up and hit the dance floor.

This red dress is the perfect answer and perfect for dancing. At $ 5.00, I couldn’t resist. Just wished I could have found it in every color.










FullSizeRenderI like to get up early and head to breakfast. Most people wear bathing suits but I like to dress for the occasion. This 100% silk vest goes perfect with clothes I already own and great for cool mornings.

Vest $3.00











Hats, Hats and more Hats.hats

After a bout with skin cancer and 168 stitches to my lip I must be careful in the sun. Hats have become mandatory, no longer just a fashion statement. I am always looking for cute hats to wear. The more the better. Found these hats for $2.00 a piece at The Salvation Army, couldn’t resist. The Green One is a winter hat, just for fun.


These are just a few of the many outfits i have packed. I don’t think many women say they have to many clothes to pick from.  When packing that is exactly what i said and had to put back  a bunch of perfect outfits. Looks like i’m set for summer.


Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy


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3 Responses to Going UP and Coming Down

  1. MoeJoe317 says:

    It’s amazing that you completed the stair redo in such a short amount of time! What a great way to enjoy the beauty of the natural wood and the silence of carpet with the stair treads! I like the idea of stapling instead of gluing! After all that hard work it’s great to have a vacation! You certainly will be styling with the outfits you put together and smiling knowing what they cost! You certainly inspire me! Can’t wait till you get back and post again

  2. Sue Henry says:

    Nancy, love your stairs. Nice job. Have a wonderful time on vacation.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I was happy to meet you in Mexico! What a wonderful person you are and thank you for making me laugh! You sure made my day! Love your website! You are making a difference! :)

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