Christmas Spirit

IMG_6603IMG_6663DiscardedDiamonds celebrates the holidays with amazing finds.

The  Perfect Gift:

My creativity kicked in to high gear as I turned this old storage bin in to a home for a cherished creche. The creche was given to me by my mother- in -law who sadly passed away this week. Wanting to do something special for my husband to honor his mother this was my gift to him this year.I bought an old storage shed. Removed the majority  of the front section and replaced it with plexiglass.I used the top of the old creche to cover sides of shed.  The actual work was done by my good friend, Peter, a talented carpenter.

Two shower curtains stapled to top of structure keeps rain from seeping in.  Once the structure is covered in hay it looks just like a manger. I couldn’t be happier.



Extra seating:

Hosting Christmas festivities this year, I knew I could use some extra seating .  I found these great ottomans at Goodwill , only $25.00. If anyone has looked at retail, that’s a great deal!IMG_6267



Decorating the Tree:

This year I decided after redoing my living room I would go with a silver and gold theme.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted 2 bags of ornaments all silver and gold.  Each bag marked $2.50.  I took both bags and had some ornaments left over to put around the room.  I added red bows in honor of my mother-in- law, she loved red bows.






What to wear:

Something festive of course.  Brown leopard print sweater, Salvation Army – $3.00

Red Wool Talbots pants, Goodwill- $12.00,

Brown fur trimmed suede vintage coat, Goodwill –  $17.00,

Thierry Rabotin brown leopard suede shoes, Goodwill – $14.00.

Ho Ho Ho, It’s Christmas Time for only $46.00














If you like what you see , follow As I Recycle, Repurpose and Reinvent a Discarded Diamond. New look coming in 2015     Thanks, Nancy


About Nancy

Hi Welcome to Discarded Diamonds. My name is Nancy and this is my web site. I find the most fabulous things at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Garage Sales and yes, even the trash. I've always been creative and my style has been a bit on the quirky side, so it's a perfect match. I think it's very important to re- use, re-purpose, and recycle. For the fraction of the cost of retail, I have beautiful clothes (that I am always complimented on) and wonderful home decorations. I hope you'll follow me and realize how fun bargain hunting can be. Just be careful, it's addictive.
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9 Responses to Christmas Spirit

  1. Laura Sinatra says:

    Congratulations! Love your Blog and I look forward to future posts.

  2. Ashley says:

    This stuff is great – loving the blog!

  3. Debbie Fatone says:

    Some very clever ideas here !! I look forward to following you this year as you discover more “discarded diamonds” !! You should have a Facebook page that we can share with our FB friends !

  4. Angela Wall says:

    Love the website!! Great ideas!

  5. Maria says:

    Your creativity ,new vision and enthusiasm will serve you well during the new year!
    Cheers to your blog!

  6. Maribel says:

    LOVE all your ideas and how you reuse and put things together. Trash to treasure. It’s not only good for the environment but you show people how to look at discarded items in a new way. I’m eager to see more.

  7. Connie says:

    Like I told you before – LOVE THE CRECHE!! My mom would be so proud!!!

  8. maureen says:

    Love this blog. You have so much talent!!! Keep sharing all the great ideas!!!

  9. Jan Cafferata says:

    Nancy, you are soooo creative, and such an inspiration. I’m delighted to find a kindred spirit bargain-finder. Can’t wait to see your Mexican pillows!

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