Driving my son

Raw Bench

Continuing with the bedroom re-do:
My next project is the perfect bench.
Another KICK to the CURB find.

Driving my son to the train station one morning I spotted this bench left out for garbage pick- up. As my foot eased on the brake I heard, “Mom, No! I need to get to school.”  I took off for the train station arriving at warp speed, thankfully no one else was around. My son already had the door open before the car came to a complete stop. He knew I was on a mission. Back the way I came and there sat my bench with the garbage truck just 3 houses away. It looks just right, so right that it should never be Kicked To The Curb!



Because I don’t sew, I had to get creative.
Two place mats, one table runner, one curtain tie back transforms this bench into the perfect relaxing spot.

table runner for benchplacemat for bench











I removed the old dated fabric. The padding was in good condition, so I simply wrapped the place mats over the padding. Stapled edges to back and my seats were done. Next I removed the back cushion which is adhered to a board. I used the old fabric as a pattern. Cut to size , it was easy to fit fabric over cushion adhering with glue gun. Once I screwed cushion back into place the cushion was secure.

cushion for bench
As an afterthought I added the tasseled tie back to add a little fun and bring in the curtain color to the bottom of the room.

Check back in, I’m almost done with my bedroom renovation.And I must say I even surprise myself sometimes.

Re-cycle re-purpose reuse


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A Kicked to the Curb Transformation


A basket of tile and an old dresser headed for the dump – turned into a beautiful focal point for my bedroom redo.
The bucket of tile was bought last summer for $20. It has been used fro three projects and I can’t decide which is my favorite re-do.



bedroom credenza 2bedroom credenza on angle 2











One bucket of assorted tile bought last summer – $20box of tile


One white dresser – free from a neighbor who was going to bring it to the dumpbedroom credenza raw


New dresser pulls- $5 a piece total $30

bedroom credenza one knob

I simply arranged glass tiles in a pattern I liked. I did not want grout lines. I glued the tiles down with Gorilla Glue.

bedroom credenza tiles

The gold balls in the basket are my Christmas ornaments.

bedroom credenza christmas ball

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The Room / Closet Itself

Kevins shelf IMG_7224Blog room left side IMG_4817Blog bed IMG_6438

My goal was to start my web site in 2014 come Hell or High Water.

I did it!

What’s the expression? “In for a Penny in for a Pound”.  Well that’s me!
Taking a step back, welcome to
Discarded Diamonds
A little about Me:
I have been married for 30 years.
I am the mother of three grown boys, who could really care less about fashion or decorating.
I work part-time as a personal assistant for a wonderful woman.
I am an avid tennis player.

I love to walk and swim.

I have set a personal goal to lose 100 pounds. I am holding steady around 80 pounds give or take 5-8 pounds.

My passion for Goodwill and Salvation Army started because of this. As I lost weight, I would pack up my too big clothes and head to the local drop off centers of these organizations.


I was giving away beautiful clothes, hardly worn, some with the tags still on. One day it dawned on me. I had just dropped off a bag of clothes with jeans from Talbots that were well over $80.00. I had worn these for less than a month. I was annoyed!

I turned around and headed into the store. JACKPOT!!!!
Everything and anything you could possibly want. I was sold and a bit addicted. Granted you need to search through the racks for the DIAMOND, but usually one can be found at a ridiculous low price.
While browsing through the clothes one day, I noticed the furniture. Before I knew it my house was being transformed. Tables, Chairs, couch, lamps, rugs. You name it, I have gotten a great deal on it. Anything can be steamed cleaned or refinished.   Compared to retail it’s a steal.

Both Goodwill and Salvation Army feature a color of the week. This means any item marked with that color sticker is 1/2 price. The deals are unbelievable, and Salvation Army delivers. How great is that!!!!

This is THE DISCARDED DIAMOND Headquarters, formerly my older sons bedroom. I thought you would enjoy seeing it.  I practice what I preach.
Furnished with Kicked to the Curb items, Craig s List, Goodwill, Salvation Army buys and Hand me Downs.


It’s worth it!



OMG I love That
Sometimes I see something and I just know I have to have it. This Liz Claiborne red leather coat is one of those.  Found at Goodwill while visiting my sister, purchased for $5.00.  I wear it all the time.
With it, leopard print cashmere sweater, Salvation Army $3.00.  Brown suede boots, $7.00 and black suitcase bag, $ 5.00 .  My own pants.


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New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and with it come the old dreaded resolutions. Last year my resolution was to have my blog up and functioning in 2014, and I made it with a week to spare. “Yay!” for Nancy.

Thank you for checking out Discarded Diamonds.  I hope you enjoyed the few entries I was able to post.  Coming in 2015 – a whole new layout, new ideas, new projects and of course FABULOUS fashions.  Hope you follow me as I explain just exactly what I do.

If you’re looking for something in particular in the Westchester area, let me know. Remember :


What are you doing for New Years?  Me, I’m Puttin on the Ritz’, of course!  Thanks to Salvation Army, it’s easy. Check it out.

Papell Boutique Evening – Salvation Army – $14                                               Black Suede Evening Shoes – Salvation – Army $3                                           Minx Stole – Parish Christmas Boutique – $25 – Appraised at $6-8,000NYE fur


Happy New Year! See You in 2015 Nancy

outfit new years evenecklace new years eveIF YOU”R SAYING ”Nancy, that’s way too fancy” don’t worry. One look in my closet and I have the perfect outfit.
A beautiful black velvet jacket with faux fur trimmed collar (screams New Year’s Eve) – Goodwill -$3.                       Paired with a pair of Michael Kors white jeans -Goodwill -$10.                                       Black heals -Good Will – $7.  Silver and black leather bracelet – Goodwill $3.       Silver necklace – Goodwill – $1 ( I say it’s an O which stands for OHIO – my favorite place).                     Silver belt and jewelry add the sparkle and I top it off with a $5 Goodwill Red leather Jacket.



CHEERS – HAPPY NEW YEAR!New Year eve outfit with Nancy

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Christmas Spirit

IMG_6603IMG_6663DiscardedDiamonds celebrates the holidays with amazing finds.

The  Perfect Gift:

My creativity kicked in to high gear as I turned this old storage bin in to a home for a cherished creche. The creche was given to me by my mother- in -law who sadly passed away this week. Wanting to do something special for my husband to honor his mother this was my gift to him this year.I bought an old storage shed. Removed the majority  of the front section and replaced it with plexiglass.I used the top of the old creche to cover sides of shed.  The actual work was done by my good friend, Peter, a talented carpenter.

Two shower curtains stapled to top of structure keeps rain from seeping in.  Once the structure is covered in hay it looks just like a manger. I couldn’t be happier.



Extra seating:

Hosting Christmas festivities this year, I knew I could use some extra seating .  I found these great ottomans at Goodwill , only $25.00. If anyone has looked at retail, that’s a great deal!IMG_6267



Decorating the Tree:

This year I decided after redoing my living room I would go with a silver and gold theme.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted 2 bags of ornaments all silver and gold.  Each bag marked $2.50.  I took both bags and had some ornaments left over to put around the room.  I added red bows in honor of my mother-in- law, she loved red bows.






What to wear:

Something festive of course.  Brown leopard print sweater, Salvation Army – $3.00

Red Wool Talbots pants, Goodwill- $12.00,

Brown fur trimmed suede vintage coat, Goodwill –  $17.00,

Thierry Rabotin brown leopard suede shoes, Goodwill – $14.00.

Ho Ho Ho, It’s Christmas Time for only $46.00














If you like what you see , follow www.DiscardedDiamonds.com As I Recycle, Repurpose and Reinvent a Discarded Diamond. New look coming in 2015     Thanks, Nancy


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It’s Holiday Time!

Attachment-1-225x300The Holidays are always a fun time of year!It’s a time to dress up a little more than usual  & spread some cheer!I found this great Black velvet jacket ( for lack of a better word) at Salvation Army for $3.00. Paired with a $2.50 clearance t-shirt@ K-Mart and Blk Faux leather pants( Kohls clearance) $8.00.I Used one of my very old Christmas scarves as a belt.  Goodwill leather boots for $11.00 A fabulous bright Red Liz Claiborne leather jacket bought at Goodwill for $5.00 completes the outfit.  I’m ready for a party!! Total cost $29.IMG_6386-225x30050




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Dumpster Diving & Decorations

IMG 6594Funny story: I was taking a quick trip to the local drug store late one night. I ran into pick up my prescription and then back out the door to my car. I got into the car and through the windshield I saw a nicely dressed man sorting through the dumpster. Curious, I sat and watched him for a good 5 or 6 minutes. Eventually, the man exited the dumpster, returned to his very nice car with his arms full, and drove away. Well, I had to look. I went to the dumpster and I came away with a fabulous red poinsettia that was so new that the price tag was still on.  Kicked to the curb? Not when I’m around. Can’t count the compliments I’ve had on this festive decoration.


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