The Lake House Phase 2

Day 2 set off on a positive note.  I felt  I was in good shape, but I had a lot to do. I decided today I would concentrate on the window and breakfast bar. I would also place some of the bigger pieces of furniture in the room.


The blinds were looking a little sad and still do. I headed to Home Depot. I had heard you could buy replacement verticals and sure enough I was right. You keep the unit in place and just replace the individual vertical. Not sure if I wanted to use verticals at all I only bought a few. After hanging them I decided        I would take a wait and see approach.


Next came a window treatment to add color. I decided  on a deep blue as my primary color to play off the kitchen floor. This was a deep blue tile recently done in excellent condition that I plan to keep. Because of my lack of sewing skills, I need to get creative.



Two table runners @ $7.99 a piece  was the perfect solution. I simply used extra strength double sided tape and stuck the runner to the metal cross piece of the blinds. One piece was not enough, so I had to cut the second to add more length. The match is not perfect.  I plan to work on that when I return. Overall I think it looks pretty good. It provides the coverage I need. It’s been put to the test with the windy weather in Cleveland, with the windows wide open the topper didn’t move. I’m on a roll.



The Breakfast Ba

Breack barBecause the condo is so small this is it… our only place to sit and eat. I had set this up at home.  I knew this would work. Using a Kick to the Curb find (small cabinet) and a garage sale table bought for $10.00 I was going to make a breakfast bar with well needed added storage.

My plan was to remove two of the legs and use the Kicked to the Curb find at the other end for support . Great plan but the legs were to short by about an inch. I thought about cutting the legs off but I really didn’t want to do this in case I wanted to use the table for its original purpose some day. I came up with a simple fix , cane tips. Bought at CVS they raised the table to the exact height I needed and the table was level.  I love it when a plan comes together.  I adhered the  table top to the cabinet using extra strength double sided tape. My breakfast bar was done. I took a step back and realized it looked ridiculous. Even though the kitchen is tiny it opens up in to a wide area. It needed something.



I had made something the night before I drove to Cleveland thinking maybe I would use it over the couch. I did this because the very large mirror I planned to use and I wanted to bring would not fit in the car. It was worth a shot.

IMG_8330I had painted a long piece of plywood white. I added 4 square mirrors I had from past projects. Left over tiles from my bathroom redo add a little color and match the tile I used on my TV stand. Leaning it against the wall it was a perfect fit. It was as if I had the exact measurements when I started the project . I didn’t . It was a board laying in my basement. I think it elongates the breakfast bar and makes the bar seem appropriate in size to the room, perfect.



Clean Counters

My last job for day two was to clear the counters and downsize the appliances. The previous owner had the largest refrigerator freezer I had ever seen in such a small space. My friend Kathy agreed to take it for her garage. A large microwave was donated to the  maintenance lounge at the condo, which left the small toaster oven.

Kitchen cabinetsThis is one of my favorites. I was looking for  tall shelves but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money of course. I didn’t want plastic or fake wood. Browsing thru Home depot, I came across wooden crates. Using three large and two small crates , I made my own shelves. I stacked the large crates on top of each other than wedged the smaller ones inside. ( I did nail each crate together using small finishing nails to add  stability.)Extra strength double sided tape helps hold cabinet flush against wall.Perfect height, perfect width. Even better the small toaster oven sits on top, no longer on the counter.



A new mini fridge (discounted $ 40.00 for a tiny scratch on bottom of door you can’t see) and a new microwave complete the kitchenFridge


That wrapped up day two.  I must say it was hard work but fun . I added some Goodwill and Salvation Army purchases around the apt and it started to look like a home. Target is a great store for bedding and pillows and lucky me,  I found one not more than 5 minutes from the Condo.

Tomorrow some of my favorite finds and creations take their home in Cleveland.

4 3 2 1





 Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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It’s Been A While

It’s a little later than promised, but I’m back.  All my hard work paid off and I completed my Condo Redo.  It took four days of 12 to 14 hours of work. I couldn’t be happier with the results.  However, I ended up with a terrible pinched nerve in my neck which has knocked me out of commission for the last week or so.  I really need to pace myself (LOL).  Over the next few days i will be posting the results of what I did. Hope you tune in and find some interesting ideas you can use.



I started with a 398 sq foot studio apartment, nice (small) kitchen and a redone bathroom that needed paint touch up.













A really nice closet area that I still have plans for.  The walls were recently painted in a neutral color that I decided to leave and work with.  The carpet was in good condition. I had it steamed cleaned and stretched to get rid of a bump.  I felt it was worth saving and it was so inexpensive to clean it was worth trying.  When done it looked like brand new carpet.



Once this was completed I set to work.  I had driven in the day before from New York to Cleveland. It took a total of 10 hrs.  The looks I received on I-80 were priceless.  My car was so loaded up with my purchases from Goodwill, Salvation Army and the various other bargains I had picked up, forced me to drive with my purse on my lap.





IMG_8351My plan was to build a wall with bookcases, using a curtain between the two bookcases.  Someone suggested I use all bookcases.  I didn’t want this for two reasons .

1. The curtain can be pushed aside, making it easy to watch TV (which sits on a swivel table) from the bed

2. The curtain gives a lighter feel to the living room and the bedroom.

Although the majority of things in the apartment are recycled or  hand made,  I did buy some new things new that I needed

Bookshelves, couch, large wicker trunk for coffee table (xtra storage), refrigerator and a new microwave.

My first project was to divide the room in two.  My brother had offered to put these together for me ahead of time, so they were ready to go. This was a huge help.  I couldn’t have done it with out hi . Thank you Bill.

IMG_8395The curtain ( bought at Goodwill $2.00)   is held up with a suspension rod.  The book cases were made of wood.  The backs however were cardboard. This would have to be covered.  I had bought two 100% silk curtains at Goodwill in New York for $12.00.  I decided these would be perfect.  Not knowing how to sew, I had to get creative.  I turned the curtains up side down. Cut the top off, where the curtain pins go, and put this fabric aside.

I simply put the curtain rod through what was


once the bottom hem and secured the rod to the top of the cabinet with screws provided with rods.  At this point the cabinet was laying on the floor, making it easier to work on.  I pulled the curtain the length of the cabinet tucking it under the bottom lip.  I made sure the fabric was evenly spaced on the top curtain rod and the folds hung straight. Once everything lined up, I used my staple gun to secure the bottom of curtain in place.  The cabinet standing looked great. Last step the piece of fabric I set aside gets returned to top of curtain the tension in the rod holds it in place no stapling necessary.





The previous owner left me the bed frame.  With the purchase of new bedding I had everything i needed to get started. I had ordered a couch on line that had been delivered in a very large box and was waiting to be put together.






My goal for day 1 was  to separate the room into a living area and a bedroom.  I also wanted to get the bed ready for  dressing.  Mission accomplished!


Tomorrow I finish the foundation of the condo redo.

 IMG_8357 IMG_8376  FullSizeRenderIMG_8367







Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy




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Lake House

My Lake House Condo is Complete  due to a slight injury posting is delayed  hopefully mid-week

My Lake House Condo is Complete
Due to a slight injury posting is delayed. Hopefully mid-week Pls check back,Thanks  Nancy

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TV time goes eclectic

I needed a new TV stand and I wanted something modern and funky. On a recent trip to Boston I found the perfect one on Newbury Street. Anyone familiar with Boston knows this is where the pricey stores are located. Sure enough I found the perfect TV stand, a mere $1,800. Although just what I wanted I was not about to spend that amount of money on a T.V stand. I would keep looking.IMG_8155

All the way home on the train to New York I thought about that stand. I decided if I could find a small cabinet I could easily make my own . I would start at Goodwill. Salvation Army and Thrift Stores . I was sure I would find something that would work. It was a quick trip and before I knew it I was home. As I pulled up to my house I glanced next door.
OMG!! Left out for garbage pick up, there sat my cabinet. I was excited but waited till the cover of night to actually take it LOL. It was a little worse for wear, probably why it was thrown out but I could definitely work with it.IMG_8178
Step 1
The top drawer was broken. I didn’t need this so I super glued this shut, making it a fake drawer.
Step 2
Painting the cabinet:
I decided to paint only the top and front leaving the sides white. I wanted a very blotchy paint job. I used acrylic paint and paper towels and dabbed the paint on. I used yellow, brown and gold.

Looking much better but it needed more:

I checked in my craft room to see what I could use

Wide gold mesh ribbon

gold/silver ribbon

tiles left over from bathroom redo

assorted nail polish


3 earrings dollar store

1 brown white place mat cut in half

1 new door pull previously bought for bathroom2015-03-29 14.15.41


STEP 1 After the paint dried I added the wide gold ribbon to bottom drawer to add depth and detail.IMG_8183

I had a color scheme in mind a I realized the tiles from my newly completed bathroom would be perfect. I adhered these to the front of the cabinet directly over ribbon in a random pattern.

The upper” fake” drawer is covered in fabric from the place mat which i cut in half and spray glued to drawer. I felt I needed to break up the pattern.  I  used three earrings I bought at the dollar store for a dollar a piece. I glue gunned these together and glued them to drawer. Perfect.

I took a step back and looked at my TV stand. It needed BLING

Using the gold metallic ribbon I trimmed out the cabinet  on the top and bottom. I also added a strip of gold to the top of the fake drawer. Flipping the ribbon over to the silver side I ran the ribbon down either side of cabinet. Using nail polish  I added some detail to the top in blue and aqua tones.

I was almost done, but I wanted this to sparkle. I applied two  nail polishes one clear with gold sprinkles and the other a thicker silver glitter. Again this was done in a random pattern to give it a quirky feel.

Taking a step back,  I was done.

In order to protect  the top I gave it a coat of spray crystal clear an acrylic coating. Unfortunately it caused the nail polish to bubble.

Off to the Hardware store named ” Grassy Sprain Paint and Hardware” one of my favorites.They always help me with my projects. Willing to answer my questions and explain what I need.

I planned to buy a piece of plexiglass to protect the top as the nail    polish had bubbled slightly plexiglass  would prevent this

Explaining to Greg what I needed , he suggested I use a piece of real glass. Three pieces had just been given to the store that morning and he had no use for them. I gave him the measurements. He cut the glass to size  and for $6.00 my TV stand was complete.











I also took the second piece of glass, Not knowing what I would use it for.  It was to good to pass up. Remembering I had this aquarium I had picked up off the side of the road I thought”table”” It was Made of glass one side was broken. I decided to break the other four sides leaving one unbroken for the table top.

Once I cracked the glass, I needed to reinforce the remaining pieces. Using a hot Glue Gun I covered all the cracks on the inside and outside of aquarium.  I then coated the entire case with crystal clear spray.  This added the stability I needed , dulled the edges and made the case solid. I wanted to play up the randomness of the cracks ,so I highlighted each crack with silver nail polish. The free piece of glass from Grassy Sprain hardware extends the table top. Atop sits a bowl from Goodwill $ 8.95.IMG_8267

Although not knowing what this would be used for initially, half way through I realized it was the perfect entry table.  The entry floor being deep blue it will highlight the randomness of the pattern in the glass.

Two unique one of a kind tables.  The first one was made using left over supplies and will work perfectly as a TV stand plus added storage.   The aquarium table I think is a piece of art in itself. If nothing else it’s a conversation piece and free.

Remember, Recycle, Repurpose & Reuse and Reap the benefits, I do.


















Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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Take a Seat with a little Spring

It’s been a long winter and it’s time for a change. I’m tired of the cold. But most of all I’m tired of looking at my kitchen dining area, it needs a facelift. I wanted a simple re-do, something not to labor intensive, must be getting old.
I decided I would start with my table. I would keep this. I bought this years ago at a garage sale for $35.00 solid oak it was painted a horrible orange color. I stripped it to the bare wood. My first thought was to stain it a dark oak but I decided to do something fun with it instead. Using my protractor (something I hadn’t used since 8th grade), I measured out equal pie shaped triangles. After carefully measuring, I marked them off in pencil. Taping off the lines I was ready for stain. I stained every other one dark leaving the other ones natural. A clear coat of polyurethane sealed the wood. My table was done.IMG_5009
I had used black wrought iron chairs with the table. Perfect with three large boys. Unbreakable!

For my re-do i needed to lighten up the look. I was looking thru magazines and saw upholstered chairs and thought how nice those would be. Now that the kids are grown,  they might actually survive in my house without being stained or broken.
I found the perfect chair at a local furniture store featured in their brochure. The right size. The only problem, each chair sold for $339.00. I needed two.


chair adcolor chart


I could do better. The hunt was on . I remembered I had seen something similar at the Goodwill store and hoped they were still there. Off to goodwill and sure enough there they sat. After careful inspection I realized they were perfect. kitchen chairAlthough light in color they were actually slip covers which were even better. If needed I could easily remove them and have them dry-cleaned. At $150.00 for the pair I thought it was a great buy. Two new cushions from Pier 1 in a bright cheery pattern brightens up the other two chairs and completely changes the look of the dining area.

IMG_5009Complete Kitchen







Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! Don’t forget to wear your green! it’s easy with Goodwill  and Salvation Army around. I found this great


100% silk Jones New York jacket $5.00

and my fabulous (favorite hat)$2.50

Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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got wine!!

I’m back after a fabulous trip to Mexico. It was just as beautiful and colorful as I remembered it. So nice to leave the cold and snow and enjoy the Mexican weather.
Of course all good things must come to an end. Back to New York with freezing temperatures and snowstorms. I am sad. Stuck in the house. I decided to bring a little of Mexico to me. In the open air shopping stalls of Mexico, I found these wonderful pillow covers. I had seen these my last trip but hadn’t bought any, this trip I was going to fix that.
When I asked how much I was told 900 pesos, I shook my head and walked away. Every day I would walk past the vendors and hear “Pretty Lady” (a nice thing to hear shouted out) with the vendor holding up the pillow cover. I would ask how much, he would reply 900 pesos, handmade”. I ‘d shake my head and walk away. This went on all week. Towards the end of the week when he said 900 pesos. I said 200 pesos. Of course his answer was NO. He said 800, I said 200, then 700 I said 200. You get the picture. Finally I said 200 pesos and turned to walk away. Cash? he asked, yes, I replied, pretty lady he said “you need these, deal.two pillows
I thought for sure I would use these as pillows on my couch, that was my plan. When I tried them out they didn’t work. Now what? Recently I had purchased two red leather club chairs and had planned on looking for ottomans to use with them. These pillow covers matched perfectly. I would make my own ottomans.
This is really very simple to do:

1 wooden wine crate (it helps when your neighbor owns a wine store)wine case with wine
1 piece of plywood cut to size to cover top of wine crateplywood and foamlegs
1 piece of foam padding cut to size of wine crate
4 wooden screw in legs
staple gun
Plexiglas cut to order

First step was cutting the plywood to size to fit top, that was easy

Next, at my local hardware store I found 4 legs that simply screwed in to the base of the box. A quick coat of polyurethane brought out the writing and character of box. I now had my ottoman

At my local craft store I bought a piece of foam for the pillow casing. Unfortunately I bought  the foam too thick. I thought I would have to buy new foam instead I tried slicing what I had in half and it worked. I inserted the foam in to pillow case and wrapped it around the plywood lid. Using a staple gun, I adhered it only at the ends.  Because the case was short and did not cover the entire lid I needed more material to cover the exposed sides.

While shopping at my local drugstore I came across dishtowels on sale 2 for $3.00.  The perfect colors and almost the perfect size.  That was a no-brainier, I bought those and simply tucked the edges in under pillow case and stapled edges down.  I didn’t like the way the staples showed.  Using a like colored nail polish I simply painted over the staples and now you can barely see them. I have ordered a piece of Plexiglas that will fit over the table side to add more stability and will add to dishtowel side for table. This was a very easy project that leaves me with three great options

An ottoman

chair and ottaman












A storage binchair ottaman and storage

A cute table

aaaa cc












While in Mexico we had a great time.  Unfortunately all my pictures were lost. It seems water and iPhones don’t mix. No pictures of all the cute Goodwill and Salvation Army outfits I wore. I must say I felt very comfortable and was complimented more than once on what I had on.

One picture my husband snapped at sunrise.

sunriseA great way to start the day. This group of people we met have been meeting for over 25 yrs at this resort . They wake up early and see the sunrise. They serve cappuccino and champagne. An absolute wonderful way to start the day! My Goodwill black 100% silk sweater came in handy for the 6:45 am wakeup call as it was still a bit chilly.sunrise outfit

Black sweater $3.50












Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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Going UP and coming DOWN

I’m on vacation and I promised my husband I would not post while  on vacation. I’m  getting on an airplane heading UP and hopefully when  coming DOWN the LANDING will go smoothly.

carpeted stairsWhich leads me to my next post, my staircase.  All three bedrooms on the 2nd floor were looking good or would be after I completed my master bedroom.  The staircase leading to them needed help.  I had been thinking about this for months. One Sunday afternoon I decided it was time.

I hoped the floors were in great condition. We had  the floors and stairs refinished when we moved in thinking we would keep them bare. With a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 month old we learned very quickly after a nasty fall by both that  this was not an option. Carpet it was.

Well the kids are grown and walking on their own. Carpet be gone.


I started on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday afternoon the carpet was gone. I was lucky the carpet protected the floors and they were in perfect condition. The only difficulty I had was taking up the strips of wood that held the carpet in place. This went a lot slower. Start to finish four days.

upsatirs carpet scrapscarpet scrap











bare stairs





stairsBare hardwood floors are NOISY.  And I don’t recommend them, beautiful or not. I needed carpet. I knew I did not want traditional carpet, not my style. So I went to web sites. You can find anything as, I am sure you know, on the internet. I found just what I wanted. Chocolate brown and cream patterned stair treads. Perfect. I would keep the beauty of the hardwood but still have the comfort and quiet of carpet a win – win situation. I don’t remember the exact cost but I believe I paid $130.00 for everything.  They were very easy to install. However I did not use the double- sided tape they recommended, I used a staple gun. So far so good. it’s been a few months, they still look great. One carpet came loose, just re-stapled it.



My carpet treads are on the plush side, so the staples disappear in the nap of the carpet. My concern would be if you had a solid color carpet that wasn’t plush you would see staples. This was not the case.

Of course after searching hundreds of web sites I happened to walk in to one of the large home improvement stores and their sat CARPET TREADS. I had just been in their a few days before and I swear they were not there. Either I over looked at them or it’s a new product they decided to sell.  They had a display of choices,  so i checked them out. Comparing their quality to mine. I felt mine could hold their own.  None of the choices were what I was looking for. I saw one that I liked but when I looked at the price, I knew I had made the right decision by ordering what I did.  As I said my total stair case plus landing came to roughly $130.00. If I were to buy them at this store it would cost me $221.00 not including tax  . A difference of  $91.00. I could  put that money to good use after all I am going to Mexico. What woman doesn’t want a few great outfits to wear while on vacation.

Of Course MEXICO  needs some new  casual attire:

No Problem with Goodwill around!




Orange Dress:Orange dress

One of my favorite things to do when in Mexico is take a day trip to Playa de Carmen. Row after row of great shops to browse in. I love looking at all the beautiful merchandise and I come away with fabulous ideas. My husband hates it. Mainly because he says every times he turns around I am gone. Well I fixed that. He can’t miss me in this bright orange J. Crew dress and cute hat trimmed in an orange flowered border. If he does he’s not looking very hard.

  1.  J.Crew Dress $12.95 – Good Will

Hat $2.00 – Salvation Army




Red Dress:red dress

One or two nights out we get a little dressed up and hit the dance floor.

This red dress is the perfect answer and perfect for dancing. At $ 5.00, I couldn’t resist. Just wished I could have found it in every color.










FullSizeRenderI like to get up early and head to breakfast. Most people wear bathing suits but I like to dress for the occasion. This 100% silk vest goes perfect with clothes I already own and great for cool mornings.

Vest $3.00











Hats, Hats and more Hats.hats

After a bout with skin cancer and 168 stitches to my lip I must be careful in the sun. Hats have become mandatory, no longer just a fashion statement. I am always looking for cute hats to wear. The more the better. Found these hats for $2.00 a piece at The Salvation Army, couldn’t resist. The Green One is a winter hat, just for fun.


These are just a few of the many outfits i have packed. I don’t think many women say they have to many clothes to pick from.  When packing that is exactly what i said and had to put back  a bunch of perfect outfits. Looks like i’m set for summer.


Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy


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The 80’s called, they want their vanity back.

Now that the bedroom is complete, the dreaded aqua bathroom is due for a long overdue update. After all it’s the bedroom trendsetter and must keep up .


This is what I have:

Old sink and vanity




A light oak wooden vanity given to me by my sister. While visiting my sister she was doing some remodeling to her home. On my return trip to NY I stuck the vanity in the car and 15 yrs later its now being updated.

A sink recently purchased. This I will reuse.





A large light oak mirror a gift from my mother to complete my old bedroom set.

mirror in progress



The bathroom is very small. I hoped to gain more storage and have it function more efficiently.IMG_7490



My thought on this job: Turn the bath in to a coordinating space with the bedroom. One that was a little more sleek and a lot more functional. Oh and play up the aqua color with accessories. I’m starting to like aqua. It grows on you!!

On this job I knew I was going to need help. I set to work doing what I knew I could do.

THE VANITY (reuse)

vanity close up

My first project, the vanity. I removed the hardware and taped off the sink. I lightly sanded the entire cabinet. I then used a blow-dryer to remove dust and wiped down the cabinet. Next, the fun started. I started staining. I wanted the cabinet DARK. So I applied as many coats as I could. I lost count, probably 5 or 6. I am not a patient person and probably should have waited a little longer between coats. I do know I used a dehumidifier between coats. My husband tells me that did nothing. I think it made them dry faster. Doesn’t matter, they dried. I am very happy with finished project.


THE MIRROR (reuse)

The second project, the mirror. Because I wanted a more modern look, I simply removed the decorative molding attached to the sides of the mirror. This completely changed the feel of the mirror. I now had a contemporary looking mirror I could definitely REUSE. Once I removed the decorative molding, I simply stained a piece of molding and attached it to mirror to cover any holes the old molding left. I followed the same steps staining the mirror as I did the cabinet. I was starting early before I had even called a contractor. Knowing that if I had the pieces ready the job would go that much faster. I knew I wanted to use the mirror over the sink.

old mirror in bathrmvanity and mirror













Going for a sleeker more polished look, I knew exactly what type of light fixture I wanted. Something long and rectangular would do. No matter what, I definitely wanted oil rubbed bronze. This is where my annoyance set in. I found hundreds of light fixtures that I really liked for very reasonable prices. Those same light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze were double if not triple the cost. This annoyed me. I am not cheap, but come on it’s a bathroom light fixture. BUT, I wanted oil rub bronze.

SO…. I bought a light fixture at Home depot for $79.99. and a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and made my own. This is something I did 5 yrs ago and that fixture still looks great.

light fixture unpainted




One of the best decisions we made was putting a closet in the bathroom. This would tap in to an existing bedroom closet. It would leave the bedroom closet. Although making it narrow but perfect for long hanging clothes. Also laundry at the bottom.

This was a big job and I hired a contractor to do this. My first thought was to have a bi-fold door behind the existing entry bathroom door. My thought was that this would take the least amount of space. After talking this over with my sister, I decided to split the bi-fold door and make it into two doors. Much easier to open and close. I was concerned about the two doors hitting each other until the contractor suggested changing the swing of the bathroom door. The door now swings out into the bedroom making the bathroom feel twice its size. GREAT IDEA for small spaces.

wall before closet  inside of b-room closet  B-room closet






Aqua is the theme. Here we go. Taking inventory, what do I have? What can I Re-cycle, Re-purpose or Reuse?

The last of “THE BUCKET of TILES”

radiator boys b-roomRadiatorThat’s right the tiles are finished. Or are they? Because the bathroom lacked counter space I decided to use the last of the tiles to build a shelf. I asked the contractor to build a frame for the radiator. He framed it out and added the screen. Once finished I stained the wood and added the tiles to the top. This took care of all of the tiles except 2 small pieces.


 OH NO!  The bucket of tiles is back!  replenished bucket

I opened the doors to the bathroom cabinet, and guess what I found?  A stack of aqua tiles.  I thought -You’ve got to be kidding me.  The tiles were from the wall that was demoed to make room for my new closet. Neatly stacked in 3 rows .Ready for a future re-cycled , re-purposed or reused, project.




I only have one small window in the bathroom and I wanted to make this a focal point. I had the perfect fabric from a Kicked to the Curb summer project. Perfect color scheme, perfect amount of fabric.(again, you can’t make this up).  Tassel, which is  actually the tie back from  my bedroom curtains. Which I also used on the Kicked to the Curb bench in bedroom. I wanted something very linear, no curves.


I don’t sew, and for the life of me couldn’t find anyone to do it for less than $ 75.00, if at all. I thought that was ridiculous. After all I had put the entire curtain together.   Cut it, lined it, pinned it, you name it I did it!  Maybe I was missing something since I don’t sew (I have now  signed up for sewing classes). As far as I could tell I needed four straight lines sewed. And I was just not willing to pay $75.00 to have that done.
I had to get creative. Fabric glue and duck tape. I cut the  material to the size I wanted. I then folded the edges under and pressed them. I added a brown ribbon to the edges for decoration using fabric glue. For the lining, I cut a plain cream material to size and using cream duck tape taped the lining to the back. I was almost done. The tassel went across the top adhered with spray glue. Six curtain rings that clamp to the curtain hold the curtain in place.
Will they feature this in Better Homes & Garden probably not, but it worked.  My plan is to re-do the curtain, if and when I learn to sew. I hope the instructor is  good one. Me and directions don’t work to well together ever since my brain surgery.

Full bath



THE COAT – Salvation Army

While shopping for my bedroom re-do, I spotted this suede coat. It was $5.00. I thought that was a great price. Debated about 5 seconds and bought it. I love it and it is one of the most comfortable things I own.

I decided to take the coat up a notch. I would add mink trim to the coat

I had been given an old mink coat. After talking to two furriers they both agreed the coat was in very bad condition and could not be salvaged. They did say the fur at the bottom of the coat was OK as well as the sable trim at the collar. These I would RE-USE.




I drew up a quick picture of what I wanted and headed to the tailor. He assured me he could do it, we settled on a price and 4 days later I had my coat.









After this never ending post I’m ready for a cocktail. Good thing I built a bar. Oh wait that’s a whole other post, stay tuned I’ve been busy.



Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits


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Snow delay doesn’t stop the Diamonds



I was hoping to post my bathroom remodel. Due to bad weather I will have to save it for another day. My contractor couldn’t make it. No contractor, no closet. He did however finish tiling the shower floor, and it looks GREAT!




This week I was assigned the task of sorting my mother-in-law’s clothes. Deciding what should be kept and what should be donated (I wonder why they picked me, LOL). A little bit sad because each piece brought back memories, but I knew they would make someone happy.

While I was at Goodwill I JUST HAD TO LOOK

… and boy am I glad I did.


bedroom wall pictures



Last post I showed you my bedroom re-do. I did not like the two pictures next to my bed but posted anyway. Well I fixed that. Found the perfect pictures and at two for $20.00, I couldn’t resist.





reversable coatbedroom baskets


I also purchased a great coat sweater, one wicker waste basket and a cute small wicker basket for the new bathroom.





Did i tell you, you can get coupons on GROUPON for Goodwill (try to say coupons on Groupon for Goodwill, 10 times fast not easy).  For Christmas I received a Groupon gift certificate as a gift. You pay $ 15.00 and receive a $30.00 Groupon, which I used. My total purchase came to $32.35 but with my 30 dollar Groupon I only had to pay $2.35. You get the picture (well actually I did).

So for $2.35 I purchased:                                                                                                                 2 pictures

2 wicker baskets

1 reversible 100% wool coat sweater


walking out the door


I love my wool coat sweater.  It’s a perfect coat to wear running errands.  Not to heavy, but very warm.  The best part, it’s reversible.  So… it’s like having two coats in one. Gearing up for Valentines day, I decided to wear my red cowboy boots.  I love holidays!  Goodwill price $8.49.  Bought with Groupon, actual cost $2.35.








Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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The Bedroom Redo. Get Your Sun glasses

If you like Color this one is for you!

Maybe because it’s winter or because we have a trip planned to Mexico, color took over and I love it.

Color Theme Set:

My only thought,  my choices needed to work with the attached aqua bath. I could work with this. What did I have? I had a bucket of tiles left over from a summer project all in the aqua color scheme.


box of tile




What else did I have?

A white bedspread, a recent Christmas gift, this would work.

Three Kick to the Curb Items

A dresser , I would tile and paint to use at the foot of the bed

bedroom credenza on angle 2


A kicked to the curb bench that fit perfectly in my alcove. (can’t make that up)

A small table painted and tiled with free tile from local store.

seating chair



An old nightstand gets a new look with tile from “the bucket”

night stand with out tilenightstand wit tile










A beautiful bedroom set given to my husband and & I when his mother downsized.





Some existing furniture in light wood tones.

bedroom fireplace

Curtains in gold and Cream both would work.

bedroom curtains

Off to Goodwill and Salvation Army I went. Usually when I go I have a general idea of what I am looking for . Sometimes I will see something that is perfect to complete a project that I am not even concentrating on.

My goal was to create two areas in my room. One to be bright and fun. Another corner for calm and relaxation and watching T.V. I wanted both to work together, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

I envisioned Pottery Barn meets Crate & Barrel and they bump into Pier 1. A tall order but i was ready.

My first stop Salvation Army. I was lucky. I was in the store less than 5 minutes when I spotted this great velvet oversized chair. If someone ever sat in it I would be surprised, perfect condition. After speaking with the very nice man we decided on a reasonable price of $85.00. If you look on Pottery Barn web site you’ll see a similar chair selling for $1,600.   Salvation Army also added the two large brown floor pillows at 2 for $5.00.

Next purchases came from Goodwill:

Floor lamp – $ 29.99  bedroom lamp



 2 pillow shams – 2 for $5.00

pillow shams




wall pictures


4 flower prints – $12.00

wicker lamp – $9.99

Turtle picture – $4.99

1/2 price color of the week my cost $2.99








leopard throw – $9.99 Sears going out of business sale

Leather throw


I set out to work .  First I took care of the projects that needed to be created. Those I have already posted,( tiled dresser and bench.) From there it was just a matter of putting it all together.

The nightstand to the right of the bed was given the last of the tile. When I bought that bucket for $20.00 I never thought I would ever use it to complete so many projects.You’ll see it one more time in the bathroom and it looks GREAT.

Anything you see in the room that I don’t mention means it was something I already owned and just moved in to the room. I do this a lot . I like to rearrange things.


bedroom bright 2bedroom angle bright 2









 A goal accomplished – A Fun Relaxing Retreat



wall hangings 4bedroom fireplace

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