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I still will be sharing how I ** Re-cycle Re-purpose and Reuse **  but my new posts will be on my Facebook page linked above.

I will keep this blog up and running so you can still find your favorite older posts, but for more new and exciting posts, please follow me on Facebook!





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I was inspired – it is all for the kids

Recently while out shopping I saw this foot stool. footstoolIt caught my eye. I thought it was really cute. It inspired me to try making my own. I liked the industrial look and that was what I would aim for.
I had been asked to donate an item to a fundraiser. I thought a variation of this would be perfect. I decided to make mine a wine stool.

Kicked to the Curb- one shutter broken apart. I would use this for the hinge. shutter
Goodwill-base of stool $5.00 base of stool
Salvation Army- assorted leather belts $1.99 a piece
Dollar Store-rubber place mat .$1.00 cover inside of lid
I piece of plywood cut to size for lid, free leftover from basement remodel
I originally did try copying the look of the store ottoman . It did not look anything like the one I saw. I had to come up with a new plan. The ottoman needed to be durable.  Still not being able to sew, I knew I had to use something that would not fray. That left leather. Leather belts would be perfect. belts I tried to keep all the belts in the same color scheme. Using whites and tans.
The belts are glued than stapled in place to the plywood. A simple woven pattern also help secure the belts in place.The shutter hinge was attached to the piece of plywood. To finish off the edges of the ottoman I added rope. I think this adds interest and gives the piece a finished look.. The project is almost complete.rope
After staring at the ottoman for quite a while I felt it needed something. I had an old table base that I had used on a previous project. table base I had added a top to it. I now removed the top and added the ottoman I just made. . Combining the wine crate ottoman and table base was perfect. Using the base I added the wine crate to the top. I liked the look. My husband sat on it and agreed it was comfortable and the right height. me

I liked the idea of a wine crate stool but i still wanted an ottoman. I decided to make it both. Using dowels I was able to attach the wine crate to the base securely yet still have it be easily removed. dowels combinedThis way it is interchangeable.

I had an extra wine crate and decided to try something else. Using my husbands old ties I did the same thing with the ties as I did with the belts. I wove them in a pattern. Using Maroon and Gold colors for my sons high school. This was filled with bottles of wine and donated for a fundraiser for the school.IMG_7492wine





Next post – an update on The garden Center,


IT’S LOOKING GOOD! A work in progress.

Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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Apartment Update

Just when I said I was completely done I managed to add a few things on my latest trip. I even have a couple ideas for my next visit in Dec. It’s amazing what you can do with 398 sq ft.
First my closet:

In previous posts I showed how I turned the closet into my vanity area. I found a great Thomasville table at Goodwill that was perfect. A large mirror kicked to the curb competes the vanity.IMG_4588
The only problem the table blocked a row of drawers making it difficult to use them.closet drawers This trip I fixed that. I bought heavy duty wheels. I drilled holes In the bottom of each leg added some glue and let sit overnight.IMG_6025

Once the glue dried, I tried it out. They worked perfectly. The table rolls smoothly with one hand. The mirror is very heavy and I could not hang it myself.IMG_6028 This is definitely a two person job and I was by myself. Next trip I’ll have someone help me hang it about 2 inches above table so it won’t catch when I move the table. Perfect!
My next project was the Suitcase office. Originally planned to go in the closet I realized this looked much to crowded. Change of plans. I only had one space left, outside the closet. For now the suitcase sits on a small table. IMG_60 33Next visit I’ll put in support brackets to back and side. This will give the appearance of a floating suitcase. The shelves complete the office and hopefully keep me organized. A funky yellow & tan bulletin board adds some color.
Those were my projects for the week.
Of course I did a few little things too.
I hung my picturesFullSiz  eRender(that I love) bought at a flea market in Greenwich Village. Also being raised in Ohio you need to support the old home town.FullSi  zeRenderThat is it for now


Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy


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Wow, It’s been a busy summer.

For those of you who have checked the DiscardedDiamond FacebBook page you have heard the exciting news that I opened a store. Actually a room in the back of a store but to me it’s a start. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and the opportunity presented itself and I took it. I now share a space with a great store that sells beautiful leather purses and scarfs. More important it’s in a great location.
The room was in sad shape but with a little creative decorating and some Reused recycled and re purposed finds I must say it’s looking great.
I am still in the process of moving everything I’ve made in to the store. It will be tight but I have a plan. I’ve found a great clothes line with clothes pins attached. Each pin has a light. I plan to string this across one wall and add 8×10 pictures of the projects for sale. Because I have very little room I can still show my work .If anyone is interested I can bring it to the shop.
Along the way I have continued to to recycle and reinvent things I’ve come across.  One of my favorites is the pallet bench and coat rack. The pallet was recycled from the local hardware store.  When I asked the manager if I could take it from the trash, I received the usual odd look and a, “help yourself lady”, so I did.IMG_5285
The bench is a great piece. I didn’t realize just how heavy it would be when put together. I think that is a plus if you have kids and want something for them to use in a coat room or back door. The coat rack is the same.
In all, I used two pallets. I cut the pallets down making them roughly 3 ft. wide. IMG_5305The leftover is what was used for the coat rack. Before putting the bench together I suggest you sand all the wood. It makes it much easier when they are separated a lesson I learned. I took a blow-dryer to remove sawdust and hosed the pallets down. Once dry, I choose a clear polyurethane to coat the wood. Again I was going for the rustic look. I have seen these painted or stained multiple colors. Your choice, you’re the artist.
I then stacked three pallets one on top of each other and screwed them together. Pay attention to where the screws go. They will be seen. I used black screws to give the pallet a rustic look. I added 1 long board made of oak across the top. I did this for 2 reasons 1) to add support 2) for a place to put cushions. I found cushions that I thought would work perfectly. They were just a bit wide so I needed A few extra inches on either side. When done I think it worked out great.
The coat rack was made from the leftover pallet. After sanding the pallet I added a piece of wood to the bottom. This way it can now be used for storage. I picture gloves, mittens, etc. Those things that always gets lost. The last step was adding rustic hooks. I added four, in black iron. I staggered them to add interest. This becomes a perfect place for backpacks, brief case or anything you need to get out the door.IMG_5283
A great piece to have as the school year approaches!!!
I will continue to post hear. Check out my DiscardedDiamond FaceBook page  for current updates Thanks, Nancy
Recycle, Re purpose, Reinvent

Wow.  have I been remiss in my posting on my web page. Between getting  the store ready and small postings on my FB page, I have neglected my Blog page. The place it all started. Hopefully I can get back to that.

Tomorrow is the big day my official opening of the Discarded Diamond Store. To say I’m a bit nervous would be an understatement. But as the saying goes… Nothing ventured Nothing gained. I will give it a try and see how it goes. If nothing else it allowed me to create some cool pieces that I really love and I enjoyed doing them.  Rather than explain each piece and the steps I took to make them I am just going to show pictures. IMG_5799IMG_5750IMG_5733IMG_5362IMG_5277IMG_5265Any questions about any particular piece email me and I will get back to you. All of the pieces shown were Kicked to the Curb with 1 or 2 bought at Salvation Army or Good Will.

Well the opening has come and gone. I am still working on this post. I WILL get it done. AS far as the opening goes, I would say it was a BIG success. Roughly 50 people showed. That was just the right amount any more and you would not be able to move in the store. Did I say it was small. I did have access to the back walkway and used that for my bigger pieces, mostly furniture. I am kicking myself because I did not take any pictures. It did look very nice and every one was very complimentary.

The opening served its purpose to let people know I was there and ready for business. I think I achieved that. Hopefully next time they are looking for a gift they will think of DD.

I was back at the store today. I realized I better get to work. I need to replace the things I sold. I have a few completed projects at home and I am working on a couple great pieces now. What’s fun about this process is the phone calls I am getting now. People are actually calling me and asking if I would like a table, chair, stool etc…. It makes it very easy to find things to recycle. I just better be careful or my house will be taken over with Kick to the Curb pieces.  I’ll be The crazy lady, every neighborhood has one. Not to worry I do have a plan. I am wrapping this one up. I will try to post regularly on this web pg . but its much easier to do FB so if you are interested check out Discarded Diamonds FB pg As always Recycle Re purpose Reinvent and Reap the benefits  Nancycover

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Another busy weekend

Discarded Diamonds is now on Facebook check it out for updates

Discard Diamonds on FaceBook

It was another busy weekend but very productive. A great table was left in my driveway a little crazy but I’ll take it.  Along with the table I added five other pieces to my collection. I couldn’t resist. Kicked to the Curb, they were just sitting there waiting for someone to recycle them. I heard them and answered. OK, I didn’t really hear them, I am not that far gone. However I did see the potential each had. Don’t worry I have a plan…..
First, the one dropped off. A beautiful drop leaf table. The top of the table had an unusual wood with a dark inlay pattern. Unfortunately in three places large pieces were gauged out. IMG_4720In order to repair the indentation I had to fill it with wood putty. This was very noticeable. I decided it needed to be covered completely.
I first taped off the areas I wanted to paint. I used a primer first. When this dried, I applied a cream based acrylic paint. I stood back and realized it looked horrible. What was I thinking?IMG_4737
My first thought was put marble on the top. The table looked so elegant to me I thought it would go perfectly. Marble is heavy and thick not to mention expensive, no way would this work. So… I would have to paint it to look like marble.
I grabbed every can and bottle of paint I had plus my nail polish and set to work. Using creams, tans, golds, and some black, I blended the paint as I went. I always use sponge brushes, not sure why. I find them easier to work with I guess.
Once the base coat was down I started adding the veins of the marble using nail polish I added small lines blending with my brush. Nail polish dries quickly so work fast. IMG_4742Once I was happy with the overall marble look, I covered it all in Dazzling Mettalic’s Acrylic Paint. This is a very sheer paint that adds a bit of sparkle. In order to protect the surface I coated it with three layers of polyurethane. Another Kicked to the Curb rescue!IMG_4749


My next project was fun and I loved it. A cute chair with a great shape . You guessed it, Kicked to the Curb. The seat had a large crack in it. My first challenge was to see if I could fix the crack well enough to make the chair useable.
I taped off the bottom of the chair so the glue wouldn’t seep thru. Next, using wood glue, I filled in the crack. I added this thru out the day as the glue settled to the bottom.IMG_4714 Once I thought the crack was filled I took a bungee cord and compressed the two pieces together. I set this aside to dry over night.
My third project I started this weekend was a small apartment kitchen set. YES another Kicked to the Curb find. I found yet another drop leaf table, this one metal and a shelf that hangs on the wall.IMG_4745
What I saw in my mind was a very cool table for two. Definitely for a younger age group. I thought make it funky.IMG_4711 Using two of my own chairs that were replaced when I found my great upholstered kitchen side chairs, I started painting the table. I painted it royal blue with a small taupe trim. The base received a new black coat of paint.
The chairs: I needed color on the chairs. I do not like cushions on chairs, I hate the look. and they are forever falling off. I decided because this is a set that is probably only going to be used for a quick meal I could try something besides cushions. Using small area rugs I wove them in between the slats of the chair seat. I adhered them with my glue gun. Not only do they add the pop of color I was looking for, but they are actually pretty comfortable. Go figure.IMG_4733
Well I think that is enough for one post … although I do have a lot more to show you. It’s the housework: cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping that gets in the way. At some point I have to do those things, sad but true.
Oh the cute chair, it turned out fabulous. Very bohemian. You’ll have to check back for my next post to see the final result. I’m off, duty calls.



More exciting news for Discardeddiamonds.com!!!

My favorite shopping grounds, Best Used Furniture has come up with a great idea. The owner has decided to rent out large retail stalls. I can now bring my creations to the store. Leave them there and sell from the stall. What is even better, he is allowing me to store my supplies. I think I will be spending a lot of time on Saw Mill River Rd. If you live in the area stop in and visit. Not only will I be there with all my creations good and bad, but there are some other talented people selling some creative things. It’s a store you really have to see to believe. Definitely not for everyone, but if you like different things, this is for YOU. I’m hoping to be set to go early September.



Remember recycle repurpose reuse and reap the benefits

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Time to put my Feet Up


As I said in previous posts, it’s been a busy few months. It’s time to put my feet up and relax, LOL, we’ll see how that goes.

Before I do, I thought I would make an ottoman. Perfect to put my feet on. This is a very simple project that can be made in any color you want. I used materials that I had in the house. My next ottoman will not be such dark colors.


  1. Used tire (any car repair shop or auto body store is usually happy to give you one. They have to pay to get rid of them.)
  2. Pre-cut round top from Home Depot to fit  top of tire. If you are handy or know someone who can cut this it will save you money to DIY (I had one from a previous project)
  3. Duct tape(the regular cream color for base and decorative duct tape for trim)
  4. Coordinating fabric
  5. 2 plastic platters (purchased at the dollar store)
  6. Min wax stain
  7. One piece of rope


Before you start, clean the tire. I took mine outside. I  used a garden hose and dish washing liquid and gave it a good scrubbing with a scrubbing brush, rinsed it and let it dry. Once dry I was ready to go.

Using the same technique I used for my bar table I started tearing the Duct tape. This goes by very quickly if you’re watching TV. I covered the entire tire in duct tape making sure I overlapped  the tape smoothing as I went.  Once smooth, I dyed the tape with Min Wax Dark Brown stain.

Once the base was done I added the trim. I chose leopard print. I had this duct tape  in the house and decided to use it. This needs to be done in sections so it lays flat. It takes some maneuvering but the pieces can be made to match up.

I also added rope to the bottom and top of the tire to add a little more interest. Both of these pieces of rope were left over from a previous project.

The finishing touches:

The top was a pre-cut piece of wood that fit the top of tire perfectly. I simply stained it brown.IMG_4600

In order to make this a storage ottoman I needed to close off the bottom. Using two plastic serving dishes, I covered them in coordinating fabric. Using my glue gun I adhered them to the inside base of the tire.










 Time to put my feet up!


whiye chair tire ottaman


For me the cost of this project was nothing because I used materials I already had. I now have a cute ottoman. More important I recycled a tire that won’t make it to the landfill .



As I wrote this post I realized I talked about things I used from a previous project. And thought perfect time to show that project;  My rope table:

This was  a very easy project but time consuming.  While out  thrifting one day at one of my favorite places, Best Used Furniture, I found a great round table. It was really quite ugly and I really didn’t need it, but something about it caught my eye. You guessed right if you said I bought it. For $12.00 how can you pass on something like this.

First order of business, remove the ugly Formica top. wood tableThis took about 30 seconds, it popped right off. I was left with a 3ft wooden table top. The wood was not good and would have to be covered.wood table with writing Since my ottoman had turned out ok I thought why not? Rope it is. I marked off the center of the table grabbed my glue gun and started laying the rope in a spiral pattern. I thought this is going to be easy. Easy, yes, but it was taking forever. No way was I going to have the patience for this.wood table with start of rope

After staring at the table for a few minutes I came up with the idea of braiding the rope. wood tbale with start of color ropeThis would serve two purposes: 1) It would add interest to the design and, 2)The braided rope was much thicker taking up much more space. This made the job go that much faster,

full rope 2full rope











YEAH!! I covered the table with a round glass top.  This I had, remember I said I buy things when I see them not knowing when I’ll use them. This was one of those. A 3ft. round piece of glass for $5.00 is just too tempting for me to pass up.

This past weekend my husband and I hosted a party. The round table was center stage and a big hit.table on patio




Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy



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I love it when a Plan comes together!!!

Wow it’s been a busy couple of months for me. A lot of traveling has taken me to Fl, Buffalo and last stop Cleveland.

The finishing touches to the Condo, so I can call it a wrap and start to enjoy it.FullSizeRender
This trip my husband and two of my sons joined me for the 4th of July weekend. In a condo roughly 395 sq ft, I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was anxious to see how it functioned.
Did I mention my sons are by no means small people, both standing well over 6 ft.  Plus my husband and myself. Well you get the picture.


As I sit here writing this from the rooftop deck overlooking Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline,IMG_4581I would have to say it turned out perfectly. Small yes, but it’s everything we wanted or needed. I think we will enjoy it for years to come.
As I said in previous posts, many thought I was crazy for buying such a small space. With much thought and creative decorating, I turned this in to a great space that works very well. A second bathroom would be a definite bonus but we made do.
My husband and I hosted our first party for the 4th of July and had over 20 guests. All agreed, although small, it was quite comfortable. I’ll take that!!
The pub table fit perfectly in the front entrance where I planned for it to go. IMG_4584







One small glitch, one of my favorites, the suitcase bar, didn’t work in the entrance way. It fit but felt too crowded. After a little rearranging it is now at the far side of the room. This works great. More room and it brings people all the way into the room if they want something to drink. The upper section of the bar did fit and now hangs proudly with the pub table.









While staying in the condo I did a few little projects. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not one to sit still for very long.
I found a great chair that was Kicked to the Curb. Who doesn’t need extra seating?  With a $2.00 Goodwill tablecloth and my staple gun, I recovered it. It now goes perfectly with the decor of the apartment. Tucked out of the way by the front door it is perfect when an extra seat is called for.



IMG_4587My second project was jazzing up the bathroom mirror.  Perfectly functional. You know me by now, I felt it needed something. I was afraid to remove it from the wall, not wanting to get in to repairing any damage that I might find. One sheet of glass tiles was the perfect answer.  I believe the sheet was less than $4.00, but it makes a big difference. I simply glued the tiles to the edges of the mirror for a pop of color. I used ceramic glue bought at Home Depot. I didn’t want a perfect look which made this very easy. I had to work around the screws holding it in place. Where the tiles didn’t fit, I simply painted the mirror with matching nail polish. You really have to look carefully to see this and I doubt anyone would really notice.




In a previous post I talked about a Kicked to the Curb mirror I planned for our apartment. I brought it to Cleveland this trip and was so excited to finally install it ’till… I took out the trash- AND you guessed it!!! I found another Kicked to the Curb treasure. A Fabulous mirror with the exact same wood as the vanity and chair I was using for my closet. I had to use this one. I dragged it up to the apartment. My husband didn’t even bother giving me a look on this one. He knew

IMG_4589I now had two mirrors both well over 4×5 ft. One for the vanity, I knew. A quick survey of the apt (as my husband and boys stared at me) to find a place for the other one.

The foot of the bed, perfect. I started to explain to the three of them the mirror would expand the room reflect light and make everything feel bigger. My sons shrugged and left, my husband grabbed the drill and said “don’t care what it does just tell me where you want it.”



Was this project a lot of work, yes! It was also fun and a challenge to come up with creative ideas to use. I love to see a project come together and be enjoyed by all.


Happy Birthday USA!!IMG_4301

While in Cleveland, we hosted our first party in the apartment. Well over 20 people celebrated the 4th of July with us. paty picIMG_4284It went great! I do believe everyone was very comfortable. Let’s just say no one was racing for the front door.


My final project in Cleveland revolved around my nieces baby shower. Due with a baby girl in two months she has decided to name her Regina after my mother. I knew I had to come up with something special for this gift. I debated this one. I had a Kicked to the curb find, did I dare?

My answer, YES!!
Roughly two months ago I saw this solid wood rocking chair sitting on the side of the road. Of course I stopped to check it out. Painted pink with the name Michaela carved into it, I thought it was adorable. Baby chairIn to the back of the car it went. It was time to re-cycle my find. I painted the entire chair white. The fun part came in decorating the chair. My niece’s color theme was pink for a girl with light green accents. To hide the name, I used quilted fabric. I covered the back slats with the fabric using a staple gun. I added lace to add some color and hide the staples using my glue gun. I also did both arms. The last part of the project was using stenciled letters to put the name Regina down the middle slat. The seat was then covered in modge podge to protect the letters.baby chair 2


I topped it off with assorted lotions wrapped in colored tissue paper… Viola, the perfect shower gift!baby chair with gifts
As I said at the beginning of this post, it has been a busy couple of months, but filled with fun and laughter. I got a lot accomplished and was able to touch base with many old friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as long as it is. I am continuing to create and still hoping to post every Sunday night it’s just….. things keep getting in the way LOL. I’m working on it.


Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy



Next week: That ottoman is made from what???

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Have Wine will Travel

Hello everyone hope you had a great week! I’ve been busy.  I was given this vintage suitcase, that I loved, by a neighbor and wanted to do something cool with it, just wasn’t sure what. FullSizeRender (4)I realized the one thing I don’t have in my new apartment is a bar for entertaining. I do have a breakfast bar. With the apartment being so small this serves as  the dining table also, so I felt I needed a  beverage area.

A SUITCASE BAR- , right size, added storage, one-of a-kind piece and a conversation starter. Perfect.

I used items I had in the house only buyingFullSizeRender (5)  one wooden wine table at my favorite used furniture store for $10.00.FullSizeRender (3)


old wooden picture given to me for free after failing to be sold at garage sale

Wine corks at least 70, collected over many, many monthsFullSizeRender (2)

one piece of tempered glass given to me from local hardware store Free

Once I had the pieces in place It was just a matter of putting the pieces together. The most difficult part was cutting the corks lengthwise. I used an exacto knife and after cutting my fingers many times and drawing blood I knew I had to come up with a better plan. It hurt.

My solution was simple. I used wooden dowels nailed to wood. Basically I made a trap for the corks making sure the cork sat snugly between the two dowels. I lined the corks up and sliced the corks in half. It went quickly, but most important not one more cut.

I glued the corks on to the front of the wooden picture which is being used as the base. I want to use this area to set a glass on. Next I added suitcase to top of base.  The straps hold the tempered glass in place along with glue gun glue. I also added an old cork board picture frame so you wont have glass on glass when you set your drink down. I plan to attach the suitcase to wine rack when I reach the apartment as of now its unattached which makes for easier traveling.FullSizeRender

I thought I was finished with this project until I went out to the deli. I came across a tag sale and of course I stopped. I found this fabulous wooden crate and realized I could expand my bar to include mix drinks. Making it a full service bar. I simply cut a piece of cardboard to size and lined the back of the crate. FullSizeRender (6)Hung over the suitcase this now can house any liquor bottles I would like to store.finished project


This is being shown in my home the whole bar will be used in my apartment. The upper box will be attached to the wall and the white box will be removed.



Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy



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Happy Memorial Day!

memorial-day-flag-2014May is over. Memorial Day weekend a time for celebration , barbecues and fun. Most important a time to celebrate and HONOR those service men and women who have served and protected this great country has come and gone.  Remember without their sacrifices we would not have the freedom to enjoy the life we have.
That being said THANK YOU to all service men & women, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Last post was my apartment redo.  I left off with everything complete except for the vanity area.  As my Aunt MJ always said patience is a virtue, and it paid off.  I needed a chair to complete the vanity.  Something that would also work as extra seating if needed.



On my way to the deli, I spotted three chairs Kicked to the Curb.  Racing home I grabbed my son and headed back.  Still nursing a neck injury I didn’t want to lift them myself.
After examining the chairs, I saw the rush seats were a little bit damaged but nothing I couldn’t work with.


close p chair
I first thought to remove the seat, but I liked the look. A trip to the dollar store solved the problem. I found a thin simple throw rug in the colors of my apartment. I could use this in the center of the seat as an accent, still letting the rush seat be seen. chair plusProblem solved.  With a staple gun and a glue gun I was done in less than 15 minutes and had the perfect chair.  My cost $1.00 for rug.
Would I use this chair in a formal dining room?  No, but my apartment. is casual and very informal and it fits in perfectly.
The other two chairs are a work in progress.I am still formulating a plan.  I do know they will be going with this table I made. Bought at my favorite used furniture store for $15.00.

tabletab le rawI decided to cover the top of the table with rope which I purchased at Home Depot. I first took off the Formica exposing the wood.  Marking off the center I used my glue gun and started gluing. Realizing just how long this would take. I decided to add an accent color.


table half waytable three quarters












I used green rope and braided it making a thicker strand and glued this down. This not only helped the job go faster but added an interesting pattern to the overall design.  table rope doneOnce finished I topped it off with a piece of glass I had from an old table.  A perfect 3ft coffee table for inside or out
For a total cost of less than $ 25.00, I now have: three new chairs and a one of a kind coffee table
Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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It’s time to wrap it up


I’ve built the basics. It’s now time to start my favorite part, decorating. I had collected quite a few things on my trips to Goodwill & Salvation Army picking up accessories I thought I could use. I feel these are so important. They make a space feel like a home. Combining these purchases with items I already owned quickly transformed the space. I could write all night about the deals I found but I won’t.  I will just high light some of the great Discarded Diamonds I collected.


IMG_8346_2            IMG_8446_2

Before                                                               four days later








IMG_8406_2               IMG_8407_2



A place setting for 8 at Salvation Army -A steal I thought at $12.00. Basic white, I can use them with anything, any color. The glasses . I couldn’t resist perfect color, cobalt blue. They work great for beverages, but also as decoration when displayed on a shelf.









This  is one of my favorites. Not only does it provide xtra lighting, but a focal point for the room. One of my more expensive purchases  $ 24.00 @ GW. It plugs in to a wall socket so no electrician needed, just a hook in the ceiling which the Condo maintenance man did for me.





This came from a neighborhood tag sale. I like the look of a area rug on carpet, I think it defines the sitting area.




4If you remember originally I made the long mirror that sits at the end of the breakfast bar to go over the couch. I changed my mind when I found this stunning stained glass mirror @ Goodwill. Perfect size , shape and colors. A tiny tiny chip on the top corner is probably why it was donated. I paid $6.99. it looks like a million bucks ,LOL.






aaaa cc



One of my favorites , I found these chairs on Craig s list.     At two for $160.00, I couldn’t resist. I think it adds the pop of color that looks great.The chairs also helped me choose accent colors around the room.










Although not a true bedroom, I wanted to make it feel like it was. I kept the colors neutral in this room.  Three bargains in this room.

The shelf $5.00 Goodwill

Two matching table lamps, $5.00 a piece

Lamp $9.99 Goodwill

I still have a few things to do . I would like to make a  dressing / makeup area  in the hallway leading to closet. I took measurements before I left Cleveland . I need a table 37X14. And I would like it to have  a drawer . I have a great  mirror that I would like to sit on top of the table.  I bought this last year @ my favorite store on Grassy Sprain Rd unfortunately it didn’t work. If I find the right table , I plan to use it to make the perfect vanity area.

**** An UPDATE****

I found the perfect vanity table, Salvation Army comes thru again.IMG_8669_2

A beautiful Ethan Allan table measuring 37×14 with 1 drawer. Being sold in the Spring catalog in whitewash for $589.00. I wanted light oak which is what I found , my cost $20.00. I saved $ 569.00.









People ask why I do this. There is your answer.

Seriously,I love the challenge of creating something unique  and beautiful with Discarded Diamonds.  Design on a Dime is a hit show and I can see why.






Re-cycle Re-purpose, Reuse and Reap the benefits ….. Nancy

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