Another busy weekend

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It was another busy weekend but very productive. A great table was left in my driveway a little crazy but I’ll take it.  Along with the table I added five other pieces to my collection. I couldn’t resist. Kicked to the Curb, they were just sitting there waiting for someone to recycle them. I heard them and answered. OK, I didn’t really hear them, I am not that far gone. However I did see the potential each had. Don’t worry I have a plan…..
First, the one dropped off. A beautiful drop leaf table. The top of the table had an unusual wood with a dark inlay pattern. Unfortunately in three places large pieces were gauged out. IMG_4720In order to repair the indentation I had to fill it with wood putty. This was very noticeable. I decided it needed to be covered completely.
I first taped off the areas I wanted to paint. I used a primer first. When this dried, I applied a cream based acrylic paint. I stood back and realized it looked horrible. What was I thinking?IMG_4737
My first thought was put marble on the top. The table looked so elegant to me I thought it would go perfectly. Marble is heavy and thick not to mention expensive, no way would this work. So… I would have to paint it to look like marble.
I grabbed every can and bottle of paint I had plus my nail polish and set to work. Using creams, tans, golds, and some black, I blended the paint as I went. I always use sponge brushes, not sure why. I find them easier to work with I guess.
Once the base coat was down I started adding the veins of the marble using nail polish I added small lines blending with my brush. Nail polish dries quickly so work fast. IMG_4742Once I was happy with the overall marble look, I covered it all in Dazzling Mettalic’s Acrylic Paint. This is a very sheer paint that adds a bit of sparkle. In order to protect the surface I coated it with three layers of polyurethane. Another Kicked to the Curb rescue!IMG_4749


My next project was fun and I loved it. A cute chair with a great shape . You guessed it, Kicked to the Curb. The seat had a large crack in it. My first challenge was to see if I could fix the crack well enough to make the chair useable.
I taped off the bottom of the chair so the glue wouldn’t seep thru. Next, using wood glue, I filled in the crack. I added this thru out the day as the glue settled to the bottom.IMG_4714 Once I thought the crack was filled I took a bungee cord and compressed the two pieces together. I set this aside to dry over night.
My third project I started this weekend was a small apartment kitchen set. YES another Kicked to the Curb find. I found yet another drop leaf table, this one metal and a shelf that hangs on the wall.IMG_4745
What I saw in my mind was a very cool table for two. Definitely for a younger age group. I thought make it funky.IMG_4711 Using two of my own chairs that were replaced when I found my great upholstered kitchen side chairs, I started painting the table. I painted it royal blue with a small taupe trim. The base received a new black coat of paint.
The chairs: I needed color on the chairs. I do not like cushions on chairs, I hate the look. and they are forever falling off. I decided because this is a set that is probably only going to be used for a quick meal I could try something besides cushions. Using small area rugs I wove them in between the slats of the chair seat. I adhered them with my glue gun. Not only do they add the pop of color I was looking for, but they are actually pretty comfortable. Go figure.IMG_4733
Well I think that is enough for one post … although I do have a lot more to show you. It’s the housework: cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping that gets in the way. At some point I have to do those things, sad but true.
Oh the cute chair, it turned out fabulous. Very bohemian. You’ll have to check back for my next post to see the final result. I’m off, duty calls.



More exciting news for!!!

My favorite shopping grounds, Best Used Furniture has come up with a great idea. The owner has decided to rent out large retail stalls. I can now bring my creations to the store. Leave them there and sell from the stall. What is even better, he is allowing me to store my supplies. I think I will be spending a lot of time on Saw Mill River Rd. If you live in the area stop in and visit. Not only will I be there with all my creations good and bad, but there are some other talented people selling some creative things. It’s a store you really have to see to believe. Definitely not for everyone, but if you like different things, this is for YOU. I’m hoping to be set to go early September.



Remember recycle repurpose reuse and reap the benefits

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3 Responses to Another busy weekend

  1. Janice Hayes says:

    I really like the drop leaf table. It is classy and attractive. I look forward to seeing the cute chair when it is completed.

  2. Maureen H says:

    Excellent projects! They came out great. Congrats on the store gig. Sounds exciting-good luck!

  3. Morsas says:

    I had some kid ask me if he could paint my street neumbr on the curb. I agreed for $10. He actually got my whole street to do it. Looking up an address by looking at the curb is easier than looking for the neumbrs on the house. Good luck.

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